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    Default Caswell-Massey Number Six

    Just got a bottle of the Caswell-Massey Number Six Cologne, and to make a short story even shorter: It has a serious problem with longevity (or lack thereof).
    After five sprays, and less than a minute later I could hardly smell it
    It's so temporal, that I cannot even make up my mind about how its smells.
    Its longevity is even shorter than the 4711.

    It would have been fair for Caswell-Massey to just call it: The Water of the Water of Number Six Cologne.

    I really hope the Greenbriar (which is on its way) lasts longer.

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    Default Re: Caswell-Massey Number Six

    Agree with you entirely on that score, brother. *Number Six smells absolutely fantastic on me -- for about five minutes. Then it's pretty much gone.
    It's a crying shame! *
    But have no fear, Greenbriar has a much better longevity. *Sticks around for the long haul. *The old juice, anyway. *The new stuff I think does too... if I remember rightly. *

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    Default Re: Caswell-Massey Number Six

    No 6 smells exactly like lemon candy to me. Not a big fan of this house, mostly historical stuff and very synthetic smelling. However, they have terrific single note fragrance oils for cheap.
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