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    Default D&G Sicily, for MEN?

    I was looking the other day for D&G Sicily on eBay, just a mini for the girlfriend to try, and I came upon someone selling a MEN'S D&G Sicily 3.4 tester! ??? Is that a fluke, or did they really make a Sicily for men?


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    Default Re: D&G Sicily, for MEN?

    There will be a Sicily for Men launched in the future (or so we've heard), but this is not it. This is exactly the same as the women's bottle. HOWEVER, I have this (the "women's&quot and absolutely love it. I do not find it in the least feminine, and have received a number of compliments. The notes of musk, banana leaf, jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood, and heliotrope create a wonderfully heady scent that smells ever so slightly of a certain sun tan lotion whose name I can't place.

    love this stuff!

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