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    Hi all,
    I find Sonia Rykiel homme to be a pleasant,formal cologne for office wear.How about the Sonia Rykiel Grey?
    Is it better than homme?Thanks.

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    I love Sonia Rykiel Grey. It seems a little bit feminine to me but i still love it. It also lasts very well on me.

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    Hi SSSS...

    Rykiel Grey is different in that there is not as much citrus and the mint and violet are not present. Grey has a marked accent of nutmeg and rosewood, and is slightly muskier. The overall effect is that Rykiel Homme is fresher and lighter, and Grey is a bit richer, simpler, and warmer.

    Rykiel Homme:
    Top Notes
    Yuzu, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Mint

    Middle Notes
    Violet, Nutmeg, Cypress, Cinnamon

    Base Notes
    Sandalwood, Amber, Fir Balsam, Cedarwood

    Rykiel Grey:
    Top Notes
    Yuzu, Tangerine, Orange Tree Leaves, Green Apple

    Middle Notes
    Nutmeg, Cyclamen, Rosewood

    Base Notes
    Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk

    If you like the Rykiel Homme, you may want to try the Eau de Parfum version for something slightly more concentrated, or conversely, L'Eau Tonic, a lighter body spray version.

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    Yes, Grey is simpler.
    It startes very nice, but then soon becomes flat and fades to its flat base.

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    Thanks for the feedback,guys.

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