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    Default Please comment on these gems

    I'm planning on purchasing the following and would appreciate any feedback:

    1. Miller Harris - Feuilles de Tabac: This is my first try at a Miller Harris fragrance - It's suppose to be a tobacco-based scent; wonder if it is less subdued than Vintage Tabarome?

    2. Parfum D'Orsay - Le Dandy: Here goes another tabac scent ...

    3. Parfum de Rosine - Ah ... a rose scent; does this resemble any of the popular rose-based colognes like No.88 or Voleur de Rose?

    4. Agatha Brown - Imperial Jade: From the beautiful island of Aruba (which also happens to be the scene of the ongoing murder investigation of an American student) ... is it worth the trouble? I remembered reading somewhere that Imperial Jade smells like Marc Jacobs (coconut or fig smell)

    Thanks in advance for your analysis!

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    Default Re: Please comment on these gems

    I've heard nothing but wonderul praise for Imperial Jade Emperor.

    IF you like JOhn Varvatos, you'll like Le Dandy.

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    Default Re: Please comment on these gems

    Fuilles de Tabac - heavy scent with a woodsy mossy base, quite rich and good for cooler weather. Tabarome is also warm, but has that typical Creed millesime base going on, and not quite as full-bodied or in your face as FdT.

    Le Dandy - yes it's a tobacco scent, btu this scent is really all about the booze - sweeter and edgier with more of a vintage feel. Very different form FdT

    Rosine - which one? There are about 9 of them now! Rose d'Homme is outstanding, quite powdery and rich and very different from Voleur. Whereas Voleur is an earthy patchouli scent with prominent rose top notes, Rosine is more complex - the blend of notes highlight the rose, but it has a very different effect than the VdR. Un Zest de Rose is another winner, a complex sparkling floral citrus, totally unisex, crisp and refreshing.

    My ADVICE: get samples of these first before buying them. Aedes is your best choice, and I believe have all three lines in stock.

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Please comment on these gems

    Imperial Jade is WAAAAAAAYY better than Marc Jacobs IMO.

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