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    Default Top selling niche scents?

    Does anyone have any idea which niche scent is the most popular? Or maybe even a top 10 list? My guess would be either GIT or Eau d'Hadrien, based on availability and SA recommendations. Just curious...

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    Default Re: Top selling niche scents?

    Impossible to guess you would have to get all niche's accounts and compare

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Top selling niche scents?

    GIT probably, IF you consider Creed niche, which I don't think I do. It's becoming more and more readily available as more cities are getting Neiman Marcus (whereas it used to be rather exclusive to NY, Chicago, LA and Houston (or is it Dallas??). Then again, they carry Etro, which I definately consider niche. Who knows.

    If you consider Creed niche, that's probably it.

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