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    Default The La Collection?

    In the new seasons 'FHM Collections' (UK fashion mag published twice a year) there is a piece on the 'new' eaux de toilettes. Included in this otherwise dull selection is Sagamore by Lancome. Featured is a 50ml bottle for £65. It is described as being part of the 'La Collection'. Anyone know about this? Is this a limited relaunch of some Lancome Classics??


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    Default Re: The La Collection?

    There has been a re-release of some Lancome classics that can supposedly only be found at the Lancome Institute. I know Belafre is one of them but I thought that Sagamore was never discontinued? There are others but I am not sure exactly which ones but I do know that Sikkim(sp?) is one of the feminine ones that has been re-released. I'm sure others have more info but I thought I'd pass that on.
    Have you tried Sagamore Trot? Belafre is amazing to me but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $100 to get from the Scentdirect, the only source I could find, who btw also has Sagamore. I'm anxious to sample Sagamore one day.


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