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    Default $5K deep....what did I learn?

    When I first found Basenotes, I knew virtually nothing about fragrance. * In fact, I was looking for information about one fragrance I had heard of (C&S 88), and stumbled across this forum. *Through my life (I'm 42), I have never had any real interest in Fragrance. *Sure I had a few (AdGio, Chrome, Royal Copenhaagen), but only occasionally wore them, and never gave too much thought to it.

    Then, I started to take note that as an older gent, the way I smell was all a part of the presentation of myself. *I had the clothes, the cars, go to the gym regularly, the expensive watches....I guess you could say I grew into someone who could "put myself together" well enough. *So I guess I became aware that a fragrance signature was the next step. *And i wanted something *Not just another "me too" job. * And I thankfully have the resources to go through it all. *In fact, to me, spending $50 here and there on a bottle of fragrance is small potatoes compared to some of my other obsessions (such as when I spent a year or two collecting high end watches...whew, very expensive indeed). * So I set out, with the help of my newly discovered BN forum to guide me, to find my signature....or as it turned out, my many favorites, and then some.

    In all, over about a 6 month period, I spend over $5K. *And don't regret a penny of it. *That was my choice, and my pleasure. *Not an out of control exercise at all, yet one which I elected to pursue enthusiastically. *In all, I think I purchased around 50 items, * varying from the inexpensive to the very expensive. *I mostly purchased retail, because I enjoyed the experience of testing, and learning, and discussing with the SA's. *Sometimes I used the Internet and bought blind (love!, excellent service). * *And I learned many interesting things along the way. *

    One very important thing, is that our noses "see" things differently. *What you may smell as strong, I sometimes cannot smell at ALL!!! * What you may smell as sweet, I smell as harsh, or deep. *Many times, after becoming absolutely excited about a frag that I read about over and over here at BN, I would purchase (or demo) and be amazed at "what the hell are you all talking about, cause I don't get this at ALL!". * *You say "Tobacco", I say "slightly fruity otherwise NOTHING" (Creed Tabarome Millesime). * You say a stunning and rich and deep frag, I say "Huh?, I get hardly anything at all which lasts 15 minutes max" (GIT). * You say very masculine, I say flowery and feminine. * *You say you hate it, I find I love it dearly. * strong advise to anyone new to BN is....follow YOUR nose, and not the writings of these pages. *They can be deceiving, not by intent, but by the nature of our different senses and chemistry.

    So where did *it leave me? *My pursuit of the unique, rich, powerful, exceptional?

    1. *First big purch was ADP Colonia (blind!). *Couldn't wait to open the bottle. *One whiff....utterly hated it.. could never wear it. *Shelved it for 4 months, until I revisited it with a more open mind and more experienced nose (I guess) and fell totally in love with it. *It is an easy wear, that feels right in almost any occasion, and lasts good and long. *Never judge a frag by your first reaction!

    2. * Found out about expensive Creed pretty quick, bought MI and GIT right off, like them, but don't love them, and they don't last anyways. *Was not over impressed by Creed out the gate. * Not until many months later, in fact most recently, did I revisit Creed, really study, and find a few of my absolute favorites (Tabarome Vintage may be my all time fav, currently. *Then BdP, RSLavendar, RELeather). *I am still exploring other Creeds, as I now, finally, "Get" Creed and love it. *

    3. *I essentially set out to find a truly masculine scent, which was unique, and high end smelling (not necessarily "costing", though that would be ok too). * Found that many utterly fantastic scents, which I truly love, and have been called masculine here, are really quite flowery (especially rose notes), which make them hard to wear for me, but I love them none the less (C&S 88, BdP, Christian No 1, and JHL, are all excellent examples). *I still consider these all in my top 10, just not an every day wear. * yes, masculine, but not masculine ENOUGH.

    4. *Went through an Aramis phase. *Everything Aramis does is freekin' awesome (!), but Tuscany is top 5 stuff, for sure. * Everyone should buy this one first off!

    5. *Found that I love Leather and Tobacco. *These are the most masculine power scents (to me).

    6. *I know I'll get flamed for this... but what the heck with Caron Tabac Blond and Poivre. *Spend over $500 on these two based on the uncanny recommends here all over BN, especially TB. * Got them (blind purch direct from Caron NY), figuring I had purchased the Holy Grail and its brother, and found two totally female perfumes that I don't like, get, understand, or could ever wear. *They have a girly perfume intensity that is very distinct to me, and overpowers what ever is really going on with them from a "notes" stand point. *i want to get it, I keep sniffing to try to get it, with the knowledge that you cant judge by first smell or reaction...but hey, I am NOT getting it at ALL. *A guy should NEVER wear this. * I want to get this...but I just don't...(yet?). *Sorry to the faithful.

    So my list after all of this.......

    1. *Vintage Tabarome....a haunting, compelling, utterly masculine, smooth, lasting, lasting, lasting, steady, consistent scent. * Could be the signature for me. * Did i say smooth? *Says...Power, style, wealth, maturity, strength...for sure. *Brings the compliments again and again. A classic, with awesome history. *A very proud wear.
    2. *Michael by Michael Kors. * Wow, a great original scent. *All masculine, lasts forever, a warm tobacco, that takes on a life of its own on the skin. *A stunning thing to wear. *Just smells great, and everyone seems to love it. *Something The Rock would wear.
    3. *Ralph Lauren Purple Label. *This is totally underrated on BN. *This stuff rocks. *It is a huge power scent. *Easy to wear. *lasts all day. * Is as unique, and powerful, and as much of a statement scent as you can find. *This one would be worn by the power elite. *It is so unique, and smells so different that you love it because you cant figure out why it smells so different. *you just get drawn into it. *Not an easy to find bottle either (go direct to Ralph Lauren), but a must try. *If you want power, rich, masculine, this is it!
    4. Chanel Antaeus. *Classic, just smells great, dries down to one of the most interesting leathers. *Doesn't last enough, but a true pleasure while it does. *Damn hard to find too. *
    5. *Tuscany I said...this is THE staple male scent. *Buy're set...DONE.
    6. *Bel Ami Hermes. *Wow, I purchased this blind in a Hermes boutique. *Just wanted to try, but didn't have the time to test. * When I got home, and laid it on...i was immediately in love. *This is the epitomy of High Class. * This is my "special" wear. *Lasts all damn day too. * Wow this one is good (definitely better than Equipage IMO, which is nice, but awkward to of those notes i just cannot figure out, but it ain't smooth).
    7. *AdP Colonia. * Quality, super fresh, easy wear, any day, every day, still masculine. Just smells great. Lasts all day.
    8. *JHL.....were it not for the rose note, this would be No 2 or 3 on the list. *The rose note just lowers this amazing scent for me. *I love it, but don't want to say to the world "here I am and here are my roses". *otherwise, i utterly love it. *Wear it around the house and on weekends all the time.
    9. *Creed BdP. *Wow. *What a class act. * Just a wee bit sweet for me, but the dry down is WOW. *What is that? *I get awesome leather, but I know it's not even in there. *On me it dries down great, close to the skin. *But the sweet is what others get. *And that's a wee bit feminine. * *I wish it was just the "leather" that was prominent, because that would skyrocket it to no 1 on my list.
    10.......C&S 88, Clive Christian No 1, Tabarome Millesime (yea, it's finally starting to grow on me, just not at ALL in the way it was described here on BN!), * These all tie for no 10. *All great. *Love to wear them, just not with the WOW factor that I have come to understand now in 1 - 9.

    And many more I have tried and enjoy. *I'll have to do an 11 - 20 list another day.

    On a Creed kick now. *Want to check out the more mysterious. *May find more to love there. *Sure want to. *I love Creed now.

    Still looking for THE one. *Welcome any recommends for Leather, Tobacco, Masculine, Strong, Smooth, Powerful, High end, WOW, type scents.

    Ok...enough for now. * $5k will buy you a true education in this sport. * I have loved every moment. *And I love my new Top 10 list. *I should. I paid enough to find it!

    Thanks for listening


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    I'm sure you'll like John Varvatos and Habit Rouge. Very luxurious and smooth leather fragrances.

    I can smell what the basenoters say, but usually after reading what they say. And I would be like...Why didn't I notice this earlier???

    Instead of adding more fragrances to your collection, why not enjoy what you already have now? Maybe you already have what you have always been looking for but just don't see it!

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Agreed. No matter how many pages of fragrance reviews you read, only YOUR nose can tell you what you like.

    Yes, Vintage Tabarome is awesome and long lasting. New tabarome smells good, but it's gone in sixty seconds!

    I recommend you try YSL's M7. Yes, it has a sweetness to it but it's VERY masculine, can't be mistaken for a female fragrance.
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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Check out:

    Dolce and Gabanna Pour Homme
    YSL M7
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Thierry Mugler A*men
    MPG Santal Noble and Ambre Precieux
    Versace Dreamer
    L'artisan Voleur De Rose
    FM Musc Ravager
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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    [blue]First off, Ron, let me personally welcome you to Basenote. I know you've posted 7 times already, but welcome anyway, and many thanks for this thoughtful and considered post that was a real pleasure to read. Glad to see a newbie who has undertaken the journey into the scented realm and come out the other side with some real knowledge and wisdom, and, again, many thanks for sharing both. I look forward to your future postings.


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    One of the most enjoyable post here in Basenotes RonF. Although I just recently joined too, I have been a long time lurker till I could not longer resist joining in. Any education can never be too costly. Any unsuccessful quest can be chucked to acquisition of experience. Our relationship to art, and that includes fragrances, is highly subjective. You know what they say, one man’s elixir is another man’s emetic. The tuck that I have taken is to find a contributor(s) that closely parallel(s) my preference and see where it leads. There will be the occasional divergence but I find that I save a lot of time (and/or other resources) following their lead. Keep posting.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Firstly,I must disagree with XEN regarding the Habit Rouge recommendation for this member who says he does not like anything too feminine! Secondly, anyone who likes Aramis AND tobacco would be greatly remiss not to have Aramis Havana or Havana Reserva.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Quote Originally Posted by stuigi
    Firstly,I must disagree with XEN regarding the Habit Rouge recommendation for this member who says he does not like anything too feminine! Secondly, anyone who likes Aramis AND tobacco would be greatly remiss not to have Aramis Havana or Havana Reserva.
    I was hesitant about recommending it at first. But it fits the smooth, high end, powerful, "WOW" part.

    I second Aramis Havana! That is if you can find it...

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Assuming money is little object, I'm sure he can!

    Welcome to the madness Ron.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Hi RonF, interesting piece, I totally adore N0.88, great taste, have you tried Sandringham by Crown Perfumery yet?
    Let your nose be your pilot

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Well, you should try:
    * Trussardi Uomo (truly masculine smell. Classic indeed)
    * Azzaro pour homme (synonym of masculinity)
    * Guerlain Vetiver (sharpness surrounded by tobacco)
    * Bogart (This one rules... Go for it if you like mossy fragrances - Cheap by great)
    * Jacomo de Jacomo (If you pass the harsh top notes and you like clove, I think
    you'll appreciate)
    * YSL Kouros (Incense nuclear bomb)
    * One Man Show (nutmeg in a classic way)
    * Carolina Herrera for men (potent, very potent)
    Just to start! [smiley=cool.gif]

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Hi Ron, Great post, very interesting. If you like REleather you have to try 'Cuir De Russie' also by Creed - I'm sure you'll love it.


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Great post, RonF. As others have said above, a true joy to read your scent thoughts and experiences.

    I'd love to read more of them! So please chime in against all our sacred cow scents anytime and trumpet all the joys you stumble across and enjoy.

    I look forward to reading the 11-20 list when it comes.

    Take care and a warm welcome to you. We'd all like to benefit from your education too, so teach us back.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    I second the recommendation of Azzaro Pour Homme. My first reaction to this was not favorable - I felt it smelled like a cliche of 70's masculinity. It's grown on me considerably, especially the ambergris note (which it shares with Vintage Taberome) and now it's one of my very favorites.

    A unique, "wow" type fragrance oozing masculinity? How about Santa Maria Novella's Nostalgia? Inspired by vintage Italian sports cars, smelling of petrol, rubber, wood, and strong leather (and smelling very, very lovely at the same time - despite what you may think about those gasoline notes) this one is all man, and very unique. Right up your alley, I'd bet.

    Another one I've just discovered is Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac. A great scent if you like tobacco.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Ron, as one of the resident pennypinchers here, allow me to be the first to suggest that you please send any of your unwanted scents to me. [smiley=laugh.gif]

    Welcome to the board!
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Wow I wish I could spend money like that on fragrances. I haven't seen you mention any of the MPG's or Serge Lutens. I suggest some of the exclusive Lutens like Un Bois Sepia, Musc Kublai Khan, and Fumerie Turque. Also try the MPG's like Santal Noble, Eau des Iles, Parfum d'Habit, Iris Bleu Gris, Route du Vetiver and many more great ones. Another great line I just discovered is Montale they have an oudh series that really sounds interesting, Aedes has some for sale but I think its cheaper on the Montale website in Paris.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Thanks for a really enjoyable post. It is really interesting to see someone comment on this phenomenon of 'Things not seeming as described by Others' when we get to try them ourselves.

    More interesting is 'Things not seeming to Ourselves as they seemed to our Self yesterday or last week or whatever'

    Sometimes we bring fragrances to our senses and at other times the fragrances mysteriously bring us to theirs.

    This coupled to the fact that, it seems, we are not fixed but flexible in our personality, such that truly, we are never the same person two days running

    It all adds up to the continuing joy and sheer pleasure of the Fragrant Grail Search which, if it ever ended, would be no fun at all.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Great post, Ron, and an enjoyable read! You've done well in a short amount of time, and touched on some superb fragrances and obviously learned a lot already in your journey. Based on your stated likes and dislikes, I will venture a guess that you'll be blown away by Le Dandy from D'Orsay. As deep and smooth of a tobacco and cognac (armagnac, actually) scent as you'll find. I imagine something Humphrey Bogart would have worn. Try it (if you haven't already).


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Welcome to the group, Ron. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your new habi - er, hobby. I especially like your remark about "Here I am, and here are my roses." Heheh. You certainly have a clear idea of your likes and dislikes, and that always helps.

    I'd be interested to know how you find Carolina Herrera For Men stacks up against your criteria of smooth, masculine, rich, lasting, high-end, and so on. I second the recommendation of it above. It certainly has a lot of these qualities for me. I know that it has a tobacco note, though I don't find it extremely prominent. It has some leather as well, if I'm not mistaken. Herrera for Men has a rich and layered quality, classy and somewhat formal, but easily wearable.

    I wonder if you've tried Boss Baldessarini? I think it's aimed squarely at a guy like you, with a strong sense of himself, and specific, rather rich tastes (there's that whole "separates the men from the boys" angle in the marketing campaign, for example).

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Hi to all.... Wow, I really, really, appreciate all of the nice and productive comments from you all. I must say, of all of the online communities I have ever been a part of, this is clearly one of the warmest and most enthusiastic. I love the activity and camaraderie here!

    So let me respond to a few of your comments and recommendations (in no particular order), and talk about my collection:

    1. D&G PH: Have it, love it, freekin everyone else is wearing it. And it's such a unique and identifiable scent that everyone instantly knows its D&GPH, and probably thinks...look at this guy trying to be the D&G guy. Unfortunate, cause its a great scent, but it's too common now, and reeks of a "poser". Sorry.
    2. Versace Dreamer: Very similar to D&GPH at its core, but more interesting. But not interesting in a "I want everyone to try to figure this scent out and call this my signature scent" type of way. I like it....but I'm not sure I want to be seen in public with it on. Some great notes, some sweet notes, some awkward notes. Complex is not always (perhaps rarely) good. Usually complex is a cover for "I like some of it, but don't like the rest...but if I smell through the complexity I can get to what I like". Well the complexity here ain't so good.
    3. Habit Rouge. Smelled it, sweet, not so sure. Wanted to buy it on reputation alone, but was left disappointed by my demo of it. I smell the leather, but its a small component of a much sweeter and feminine scent (IMO).
    4. Havana Reserva. Have it, love it...not sure if its really different than the original Havana enough to's great, with a subtlety that is very smooth. I like it a lot, along with other Aramis scents, such as Aramis and Aramis 900. They would all fall together in my top 11-20 some where.
    5. A-men. Have it. Like it alot. But it is sweet, and not the thing I want to wear out of the house much. I much prefer New Haarlem, which I also have, and find much more masculine for a gourmand scent, but still very sweet and striking. Not a regular wear.
    6. Mugler Cologne...Another one that is an enigma to me from what I've read on BN. Everyone says ultra fresh and clean, over and over I've read this. I get something stale, awkward, and almost slightly foul. I have it, and keep trying it to see what I am missing, and keep smelling something not right in there. Not getting "fresh" at all.
    7. Visit. Like it, but it's very subtle, and ultimately underwhelming to me. Not bad in any way, just not a competitor for greatness in my top 20.
    8. Envy...another BN mislead....not smooth, masculine, classy....too sweet, not masculine at all. I like it, mind you. It's very nice, but not masculine to me.
    9. Varvatos....very nice, but with a sweet undertone that I'm not too sure about. Its very good too. I don't know, was not blown away.
    10. Rocobar...why? too sweet. Interesting....thats all I can say.
    11. Vera Wang...can barely smell it.
    12. Ralph Lauren Silver (new version): Like this alot. Have worn this a lot when I first got it. Its spicey and fresh. Makes me feel good. But ultimately not what I am looking for. Not special enough. Girls like this though, lots of compliments.
    13. Tollia Di is a top 20 scent. Very masculine in a different way. I smell the scent of a dry martini. This is a great scent, and a pleasure to wear. Highly recommended. Find it at Nordstroms (perhaps exclusively?). If you have ever smelled American Crew hair spray, it's sort of like that, but better. I know that might sound bad, but trust me...its good, very good.
    14. Tommy Bahama...actually love this one. A soft, sweeter tobacco scent. Probably in my top 20 or so. Very nice indeed.
    15. Jack Black signature. Ordinary. Not great.
    16. Must de Cartier (red): very nice. Sweet, but in a very classy way. Easy to wear. I like it.
    17. Santos. Another great scent...but I have not been compelled to wear it much. Still, a classic, and I love it.
    18. Chanel Pour 20 for sure. Very very nice. Masculine. Doesn't last worth sh&%.
    19. Yatagan: whew. This is a tough one. I want to love it, but just can't. I smell alot in there that I really like, but the celery thing is too much, and i have had a few people tell me it smells like Eucalyptus or Emu oil or Noxema, or some other medication. I love that this thing even exists, and enjoy trying it...but lets get real. Really gonna wear this out of the house?
    20. Third Man...probably my #11 scent. Absolutely love this. Nothing but good to say. Wear it frequently. Good, masculine, smooth, nice in every way.
    21. Caron Pour un it...but its that floral thing again. Too much flower that will not go away and overpowers what is great about this classic scent. Floral is just not going to do masculine for me.
    22. Art of Shaving Sandlewood. Excellent, but a bit harsh overall. I like it, and am glad I bought it, but don't feel very comfortable in it.
    23. Hanne Morie (sp?). Exceptional. The girls love this one. Its a special scent. But again a gourmand scent which takes it out of my masculine realm. Between A-men, N Haarlem, and this, I rate this #1, Haarleem #2. And they are all at the bottom, together, of my top 20 or so.
    24. Kouros. I like it, but thanks to BN, I can't get the urinal cake thing out of my head. I don't even want to take the chance that it smells that way. Just playing the odds, I'm not gonna wear it out. Perhaps I would be fine with it had I never heard that.....but EEEK, I am afraid now.
    25. Opium. in my top 20. Smooth. Complex blend which is all good. Too sweet for regular wear. But I like this one, and am still exploring why. Almost a must buy.
    26. de Orange Verte....excellent. Also top 11 - 20 (toward the bottom). Love the Mint. Very very fresh. Epitomy of fresh to me.
    27. West Broadway Bond. Top 20, no doubt. Love it. A bit of tobacco, a bit of booze. Very masculine. Excellent. Try it if you haven't. Not the most rated Bond, but it's a masculine jewel in disguise.
    28. Platinum Eqosuite (sp?, sorry getting tired of typing). Nice. light. gone. thats all I can say. Nice. Gone.
    29. Bond Wall Street. Sure its nice, but smells like something we have all smelled before throughout our lives. Not special. Just nicely done.
    30. ADP Assoluta. Why did they do that to one of my favorite colognes. Wanted to love it. Want to love it. It's good to want things. Still wanting.
    31. ADP Blu Mediteranio (all 4 of them). Love them all....very special indeed. But not the stuff of my fundamental pursuit. Just glad to have them and to experience them occasionally.
    32. Bond Hamptons. Nice. I like, but not for me. Not exactly masculine. Doesn't last. And if this is, as I have read here (though I know better than to trust it) similar to Creed SMW, then I doubt I would like SMW. I did try SMW one time in NM, and was underwhelmed from a quick sniff. Went for GIT instead, and was ultimately disappointed with that (as mentioned in my first post). Need to smell SMW again, though.

    Well thats enough of that. Those are my feelings about many (still not all) that I have tried and purchased in my collection. Not a one of them do I regret. Its was all part of the process.

    I know we are all different. I am a regular, straight, 42 yr old guy, who hits the Gym 5 days a week, dates pretty woman, successful in my career (own a mortgage company), have 2 kids (14, and 19), and takes pride in how I present myself as a person and a professional. I feel that "masculine" (whatever the hell that actually means, not Macho BTW...just "man like&quot is a part of my personality, and my comfort zone. BTW, my SOTD today, sitting in my office....Vintage Tabarome.

    Sometimes I wonder whether when we read on BN that scent is masculine, it sometimes means that the poster feels that if you are "man enough, and confident enough" to wear the scent that it must be masculine. That's not always a good thing. Sometimes just because you are confident or strong enough to wear a slightly feminine scent, doesn't mean that the scent is masculine, even though YOU may be very much so.

    You all have given me some great ideas. Wanting to seek out Le Dandy, Azzaro PH, Trussardi Uomo, and 'Cuir De Russie', ASAP. Will it ever stop?!?! I hope not, actually.

    Thanks again for such a warm reception to my post, and my presence.


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Great posts. Like you I arrived at BN to get input on finding a new signature fragrance. (I had been wearing mostly Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Verte Extreme for years and years but someone I am not too fond of usurped the scent from my pleasant associations.) Instead of finding a new fragrance I unleased a passion. Now I know I will never be the guy who wears the same fragrance every day. I agree with so much of what you have to say about the fragrances here... except that CS 88 is a bit higher on my list and I still do not like ADP even though I keep going back to check. ALso, try sampling Mugler Cologne at the store to make sure you don't have a bad bottle. Or just get Creed OV which is very similar as you have read here.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Trumper's Eucris definitely deserves a mention here. It is hard to find a more manly fragrance that is Man with a capital 'M' without the small case m in 'macho'.

    Eucris announces controlled testosterone, which word, if it were carved in stone letters, would, in tribute to Trumpers talent with the composition , stand tall and have sharply chamfered edges.

    Eucris has the hallmark of a Sole Adventurer, a man who knows the terrain yet respects it.

    It has the aura of someone who has never needed to look back.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Wow, GREAT thread, Ron!! *And, welcome to the board! *You've given me some great "new leads"--THANK YOU!

    OMG, $5K??!! *And I thought I was spending way too much moolah on this hobby/obsession!! [smiley=embarassed.gif]
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Very nice posts, Ron. I think you've got a good top 20 going on, and I really liked reading all of your descriptions.

    I would suggest you check out the Amouage line, especially Amouage Gold for men. I think this is the kind of high-end power scent you're looking for. It's full of opulence, sensuality, and mystery. I find it irresistable on a guy. It is a little floral, but I find it very masculine. To my mind's eye, and I've said this before, Amouage Gold for men evokes the image of a tall, handsome man with an exquisitely tailored suit and a predatory gleam in his eye.

    Give it a try.


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Quote Originally Posted by SilkandSteel
    Very nice posts, Ron. I think you've got a good top 20 going on, and I really liked reading all of your descriptions.

    I would suggest you check out the Amouage line, especially Amouage Gold for men. I think this is the kind of high-end power scent you're looking for. It's full of opulence, sensuality, and mystery. I find it irresistable on a guy. It is a little floral, but I find it very masculine. To my mind's eye, and I've said this before, Amouage Gold for men evokes the image of a tall, handsome man with an exquisitely tailored suit and a predatory gleam in his eye.

    Give it a try.


    "meow" [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Welcome, Ron.

    I'm a 50-year-old professional man (straight, married, etc.) who shares your inclination toward more traditional masculine notes and away from overtly floral notes (don't even get me started on cloying notes like vanilla). That having been said, may I suggest that you revisit Hamptons--it is the only fragrance I wear that regularly gets compliments from attractive, sophisticated women (such as I meet in my travels in New York City).

    Also, I recently have come to an appreciation of Vintage Tabarome similar to yours: it is the bee's knees (or, alternatively, the cat's flaps) of masculinity. Warm, confident, low-keyed, long-lasting. Solid--even the top notes are basenotes.

    Finally, I'll throw in my recommendation with the others that you try the original Herrera for Men. It was my signature scent int he early 90s and, like Hamptons, got me several compliments from the ladies.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    bespoke, bespoke, bespoke........have a fragrance created for you. very expensive though, £20k at Roja Dove in londons harrods.

    I really enjoyed ur posting.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentsei
    Ron...allow me to be the first to suggest that you please send any of your unwanted scents to me.
    Me too! Besides, I live in Vista, California (about 40 miles north of you), so I can pick them up in person!! [smiley=grin.gif]
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    Welcome Ron and thanks for the very interesting evaluations. I agree completely on Chanel Pour Monsieur's.

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me, though, is how people can be so taken by Eau D'Orange Vert. To me, this is just air freshener. Are you ALL sure you DO like it? Stop, look, smell...


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    Default Re: $5K deep....what did I learn?

    This IS *great thread!

    I can relate in many ways.

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