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    Default Declaration vs. Declaration Essence?

    This question may have come up before, but what is the difference between Declaration and Declaration Essence (Cartier)? I heard Declaration is more woody as opposed to the other more citrusy? Also, some say Declaration smells kind of like Bigarade Cologne, but is that right? If it is, does Declaration Essence smell like Bigarade Concentree? Thank you for your info!

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    Default Re: Declaration vs. Declaration Essence?

    Well, let's see if I can comment, seeing as how I've owned both for several years. Déclaration is one of the truest cedar oil-like scents I've tried, versus burned cedar (Gucci PH) or cedar chips (Gucci Rush). Déclaration also has juniper, which together with the cedar gives this fragrance a bright, lively fir character; llike crushing cedar or juniper boughs in your hands. There is also some citrus in the topnotes, vetiver, and oakmoss to round out the scent. A beautiful scent.

    L'Essence de Déclaration, on the other hand, also has a cedar character, though not nearly so pronounced. In its place is a deeper citrus character in the topnotes, soft woods in birch and oakmoss in the middle, and a very nice rosewood and vetiver base. Taken together, L'Essence is deeper, more complex, and longer-lasting than the regular Déclaration. I personally do not think there is too much overlap between them. It may look like it from looking at the olfactory pyramid, but they are quite different in the scent. Good luck!


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