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    Default Exactly how do you get samples?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering how do you exactly get those travel sprays (decants, whatever...)? How does it go from manufacturer to customer (or potential customer?) I don't see them at department stores, nor have I seen them at fragrance specialty stores. Of course I see them on eBay or even here when we swap, but is there any other way to get them?

    Thanks guys (and if this question was already asked before, feel free to humiliate me.) [smiley=cheesy.gif]

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    Those are the ones I use. Good luck.

    Edit: Most department stores have sample vials of many scents they carry. You just have to ask for them.

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    Decants are something that people make on their own. The atomizers range from from fractions to full ounce sized, with all different designs in terms of glass, plastic, atomizer, roll on, etc.

    Samples are found at any department store, you just have to ask like teflondog suggested. You can also get sample vials at places like Nordstrom or Sephora if you ask, explaining you want to try the scent before purchasing. I've done it. Other department stores may not do this. I don't know for sure since I never shop at anywhere but Sephora and Nordstrom when going brick and mortar purchasing.

    Sample vials are okay, but inferior to atomizers to me. The top notes seem to lay flat and I just don't get the same experience with vials vs. atomizers.

    You can also sometimes get free samples by filling out a form online. I've done this a few times. Of course, you will end up on their mailing lists.

    In addition to the previous two sites listed, you can get artisinal samples from places like, and if you really want to try some interesting scents which are oils, sells sample packages as well.

    Finally, there are minis. You'll see these for sale at places like Target and Wal-Mart. There isn't much selection, but still a way to get a small amount of travel sized fragrance for about $10 - $12. also has a pretty good selection of minis for sale. I used to buy a lot from them, since it was a cheap way to try fragrances. They will run from $4 to $11 depending on size and fragrance. You can sort by that size on their site, which makes it really easy to find which scents you can sample that way. These will sometimes be splashes, sometimes atomizers. More often than not, splahes.

    I'm not sure if that helps or not.

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    Thanks guys, this helped. I guess I'll be doing more asking when shopping. Now that I realize it, it would make more sense to have a customer ask for a sample vial rather than putting them out on the counter and having them gone in an hour. Shopping for a cologne in stores is tricky, with so many scents it extremely difficult for me to make a sure-fire purchase (sorry, coffee beans only work to a point.) Of course, having sample vials to try later (and get some responses as well) makes the buying part easier.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    Whoa, awesome! Thanks scenteur! Such a great community here... [smiley=grin.gif]

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    The following are all UK providers - I got Artisan samples from (5pounds for 5), Frederic Malle samples from (2pounds each), Ormode Jayne from I also have quite a few from department stores, which I've been given when I bought a fragrance product or have met a particularly helpful assistant. A sales assistant followed us out of Selfridges once to give my partner a sample to try after I'd bought something!

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    Default Re: Exactly how do you get samples?

    Also remember you can always go to a company's website and email the asking for free samples. Many companies are very generous.

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