Regardless of male/female fragrance, I have been interested in rose scents. Well, I have smelled different rose scents from various perfumes and colognes (and also tried to find out what kinds of roses are used), and I sort of came to a conclusion that probably I like rose de mai (rosa centifolia), but dislike rose otto (rosa damascena). Well, most fragrances have both anyway, and you may think I'm just crazy or simply just stupid, but it's sort of my guess. What I believe is rose de mai scent from, for example, Bal a Versailles (Jean Desprez) and the middle-last notes of Une Rose (Frederic Malle) is just wonderful. But the otto rose scents you can detect in, for example, No.88 (Czech&Speake) and Hammam Bouquet (Penhaligon) appear to be kind of different and I personally don't like it very much. The former (rose de mai) is round and lovely, but the latter (rose otto) is the stronger/sharper and it comes with some animalic smell (like civet). Then here comes my question. Do you know any fragrance which uses rose de mai abundantly and exclusively (ie without otto rose)? Thank you for your info!