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    A fellow Basenoter was kind enough to give me a generous sample of Eau de Monsieur; I liked it enough to consider buying a bottle. I wonder about the persistance, though. Would anyone who uses it tell me how long an application lasts? Mine seems to vanish rather quickly - or is it my nose being fooled by "you can't smell what you are wearing after a while?"

    On the same note, Mandragore sounds interesting. If you own it, what do you think of it?



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    I own (and like) Mandragore, Hadrien, Duel and Sud and would love to acquire a decant of Monsieur.

    I like them all and love Mandragore as a warm weather scent - I am anxious to see how it feels in cooler weather.

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    I think most Goutal fragrances are plagued with the longevity issue. I am yet to sample Mandragore, so I'm afraid I can't comment on it.
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    I sampled Mandragore several times; it's a wonderful fragrance and I agree it's a good choice for warmer days. Unfortunately it doesn't last at all on me - one hour and it's gone. I own Eau d'Hadrien, which I love, too; it lasts a little longer but don't expect more than three hours or so. The only really long-lasting AG is Sables, which is good for autumn or winter days.

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    Sadly Monsieur fades very quickly. A liberal application on the skin and my shirt gets me to the afternoon (4am application) but the last 5 hours are very close to the skin. It does have amazing development but you must strain to get it. Mandragore is the same way but again, I find it incredible and of a different freshness. Eau d'Hadrien EdT is worse than both of those though. The EdP of Hadrien is much better and a bit deeper. AG's Vetiver lasts pretty well and so does Eau d' sud. I get better longevity out of Eau d' Sud EdT than the Hadrien EdT, in fact the Sud EdT is equal to the Hadrien EdP on my skin.
    I just love them all and they can be found for a nice discount on the web. Other than Vetiver, I don't know if I'd pay full price for them because of the longevity issues. Beautiful, transparent, quality scents. They should offer them all in EdP strength.


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