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    Default Aramis lovers read this....

    First of all, I am not a fan of Aramis for men but I did buy a 1.7oz bottle on clearance last year. My next door neighbor---however---was a huge fan of Aramis. He was a great guy but he passed away in April at the age of 72. He lived up to the image of what Aramis smells like to me---big, burly, masculine, etc. A couple of weeks ago his children sold his house and belongings at auction so I walked over and checked out what he had left behind. He was a painter by trade, so there were the paint brushes, rollers, ladders, and everything else you could think of that a man that paints houses would have. In a box sitting on the ground I noticed an electric shaver, a few bottles of cheap after shave, some European hair tonic from the 70's, a bottle of Classic Match Obsession, a bottle of Vanilla Fields for women, and an almost full 2 oz bottle of Aramis. This bottle of Aramis is not like the one I bought on clearance last year because the bottle is round and brown with a gold top and foil sticker on the front with the familiar "aramis" label. My new bottle is rectangular and clear with a gold top. I was the high bidder on the box and until tonight it had sat in my garage untouched. In a moment of pre-fall cleaning I decided to go through the box and take inventory once again. I had been working and had worked up a sweat that my neighbor would be proud of when I decided to spray some of his Aramis on the back of my hand-----WHOA!! I ran in the house and sprayed some of the new bottle of Aramis on the back of my other hand and just let them settle for several minutes. It's now been almost 3 hours since the application and the old bottle is still pumping out some serious notes while the new bottle is still there but with more of a "meow" than a "bark." Does anyone know how long it has been since they changed the bottle of this classic fragrance? If anyone knows and would like to chime in then thanks in advance. [smiley=dankk2.gif]

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    Not sure when they changed it, but i can confirm that they did! Came across this little fact when i was researching for my Tuscany review.

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    Default Re: Aramis lovers read this....

    My best friend's main fragrance has always been Aramis. And I thought I noted that it doesn't seem as rich as it used to when he wears it. I guess this confirms my observation!

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    I had the same exact reaction when comparing Chanel Egoiste Edt, with the Concentree version.
    The Concentree was going VERY strong after 3 hours, whereas the Edt was barely noticable.
    It could be that some manufacturers (slowly) reduce the concentration of their formulas in order to save on costs, and hope that no one notices. [smiley=angry.gif]

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    The change came about a year or two ago, and not a whole lot was done to the formula (and yes, I've had many people insist otherwise). They also changed it from a 2 oz to a 1.7 oz and from "cologne" to a EDT cos it never really was a cologne. Also, the price went up a bit. I've yet to find real discernable evidence about a change in formula (remember that if you're sniffing away on an old cologne bottle, chances are it will smell a bit different) but I digress. Things always seem better "way back when," right? [smiley=wink.gif]
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    Default Re: Aramis lovers read this....

    Interesting. To me, the new one is still a powerhouse.

    Now where's my damn Aramis Portos??

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    Default Re: Aramis lovers read this....

    I definitely think it has changed but I'm not sure when. It was previously an even more masculine powerhouse. It is now weaker yet still potent and something else has changed that I can't put my finger/nose on likely because I can't remember exactly what the original smelled like. The side by side comparo is the ticket here but your "new" old bottle may be a tad aged and while it still smells great, it may not be great for the comparison.
    Oh well, just enjoy it and use it in the best of health. I'll bet your neighbor would have wanted you to have it.


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