I've been collecting fragrances, with various degrees of passion, for about 30 years. I love everything about this hobby. The design of the bottles, the anticipation of spraying a new scent, the "hunt" for a rare/discontinued scent, the excitement of finding something really special...decanting and trading...the whole experience.

I was at a local Macy's the other day and of course wandered by the "men's fragrance dept" and I was struck by how completely drekky the current scents are. I'd rather buy a 1/4 bottle of Jules than anything currently "popular." When I asked the SA if there was another fragrance store in the mall, she replied "Why would you want to go anywhere else?" I held my tongue, though a million smartass replies came to mind...then she says, "Oh, I think there's a perfume store down there, but they sell only OLD stuff!'

I could barely contain my happiness as I walked in to this place (where I found 3 bottles of Havana, by the way, and sold them to B'noters at cost for 39 BUCKS...by the way, to those who still want it, I'm still searching for more)...along with every scent in the world except the "modern" drek.

Then, I realized...I have over 230 bottles (including decants) in my wardrobe, and I don't own a SINGLE BOTTLE of ANYTHING made by:

Calvin Klein
Tommy Hilfiger
Donna Karan
Ralph Lauren
Issey Miyake
Giorgio Armani
Kenneth Cole

and probably at least 5 or 6 more current, "popular" houses.

NOT because I necessarily mind wearing something current, or popular...I just don't like em!

I am not a niche snob, either. The vast majority of scents I own are designer. But they do have one thing in common--they are all older scents that the mall department stores, if they ever carried them to start with, have all long ago left behind.

I DO own some "modern" scents too that I think are quite good, or at least good enough to own. Two that come to mind are Burberry Brit and L'Instant, though the latter is far from the glory days of Guerlain's classic frags. But then, when I read a lot of good buzz about current scents like Very Sexy I and II and Fierce, I try them and just find them watered down crappola, or just very common.

I think, for me, it may be a matter of age. Despite many postings concerning the fact that "wear what you like," no scents are "old" or "young," etc., I DO believe that younger guys prefer "fresh" and older guys prefer formal. Not always, of course, and there are plenty of exceptions, but that's my thought.

I hate "fresh." I hate "aquatic." My tastes are pretty broad and I DO like a number of different types of scents--florals, leather, musk, tobacco, etc., etc., and I think my wardrobe proves that I like and wear a lot of different types of scents, but if I had to choose one category that I am partial to, it would be formal, heavier scents like MdM, Patou, etc., so I guess that's why so many of today's scents leave me cold.

Am I alone? Are there any scents from the houses I mentioned that are actually worth trying out? I mean, I HAVE smelled them, but they all just seem to leave me cold!

And that's where I am! Don't know exactly what bought this on, except coming to the realization that I don't own ANYTHING that's "popular!" lol! And I'm OK with it! I've accepted the fact that I'm an old fart and I'll reclaim my youth with my new 400hp screaming yellow GTO rather than a bottle of Eternity!