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Thread: Vetiver Tonka

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    Default Vetiver Tonka

    Where can I find a big bottle of this? (3oz +)
    I'm not having any luck on the net.

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    Is this Vetiver Tonka by Hermes, one of the Hermessences? If so, they are only available in major Hermes shops, usually the flagship store in a city. I don't know if you can call and order over the phone from an Hermes Boutique...possibly. Other than that you'd have to find someone selling on e-bay or swapping. Great fragrance!
    Good luck!

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    Thanks, I'll check into it.

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    I think they are available only at the San Francisco and New York Hermes locations in the US. Luckily I got my 1/2 oz bottles of Ambre Narguile and Vetiver Tonka before the madness started.
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    They also had them in the Beverly Hills Hermes on Rodeo Drive, where they very kindly gave me a complete set of the four samples (very generous sizes as well)

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