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    do we still get a discount? if so, what is it and the code? free shipping?


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    If you mean a discount because of being a Basenotes member,i think you may be thinking of Beautycafe. If so,the code is simply 'basenotes'.

    If there is a code for Beautyhabit,i don't know what it is.

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    I think it was Beauty Café where we had a discount, since the owner of that ebay/internet business was a member of the board. I don't recall seeing Lisa (I'm pretty sure that's her name) posting in many many months. I think Beauty Café was a one person operation, but is a larger and different business.

    Easy to confuse the two for the name, no doubt. I recently did business with Beautyhabit and was very pleased with the service.
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    Beauty Cafe is where we get the discount...just used it this morning!...

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