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Thread: L'artisan?

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    Default L'artisan?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at some of the scents from the L'Artisan line, some of the sound interesting. i want to try them out....but what are your thoughts on the following scents? what do they smell like in real life compared to the list of ingredients?

    1) Thé pour un Eté
    2) Ananas Fizz
    3) Un Zeste d'Eté
    4) Jour de Fête
    5) Tea For Two

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Believe me when I say this...the L'artisan line is much better when it does the outrageous than when it does the polite.

    You want the true audacity of the L'Artisan line, then try "Voleur de Roses" or "Mechant Loup" or "Passage D'Enfer"....or best yet, "Dzing!". The quality is always good...but when you say artisnal...yet another fresh citrus is not what I have in mind.

    The Vetiver and Patchouli Patch make for great scents as well.

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    I will second most of the above comments - Dzing is my favorite L'Artisan for the moment. You can try the rest of the ones mentioned above - Voleur de Roses is worth all the praise it receives - it shares a marvelous plum note with Patchouli Patch. What I like about many of the L'Artisan fragrances is how they reveal themselves slowly - like a photograoh you can stare at for hours, or a piece of music that seems to become more complex the more you listen to it. These are not brash fragrances, despite their idiosyncracies and strangeness. They are soft around the edges, and muted in all the right spots.
    Of those you mention, I have tried two:
    *Thé pour un Eté - translated as Tea of Summer - This is a beautiful, and delicate summer fragrance. Green tea, a hint of lemon essence, and a floral note, maybe jasmine, just emerging in the drydown. I love this fragrance, and I love it especially on my wife. It is fairly feminine, but the one time I wore it to work I got a compliment on it. It is only my own insecurities that prevent from making this a frequent scent of the day. Lasting power is not bad.
    *Tea for Two - This one has lots of fans. Interestingly, it is the polar opposite to the summer tea. This is a smoky, black tea on a bed of chai spices. The smokey, warm, spicy mix dries to a comforting and casually sexy blend of spices, vanilla, and honey. Great lasting power. One of my top 5 fragrances for winter. Get a sample. It's magic.
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    Default Re: L'artisan?


    Maybe you might have read it in another current thread, but I went for a trip to a store where they sell the whole l'Artisan line yesterday. I had Dzing! and Mechant Loup sprayed on my wrists and found them both to be véry good.

    Dzing! started very nasty and bestial (horse-poo) but today I'm wearing the same shirt just to enjoy the drydown a little more because once it has settled, it's simply amazing! I took a shower and put on the same shirt without using a SOTD and it's almost like I sprayed it on just this morning, incredible lasting power without becoming vile, synthetic or 'old'. I'm definately going to get this one.

    Méchant Loup was very special and intriguing from the first moment. Only drawback was that Dzing! seemed to overpower its brooding smell (it seems as though Méchant Loup is more of a background, omnipresent smell while Dzing! is more in-your-face). To me, it smelled a bit like sour applejuice and I couldn't help thinking that this must be the smell of the leader of a wolfpack's ... pee. Véry masculin and seductive in a vile kind of way. To quote Austin Powers: This ís my kind of bag baby!

    You can't go wrong with Dzing! and if you're looking for something special and daring, try The Big Bad Wolf, you might like it ;-)

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    The only one I have tried of the ones you mention is Tea For Two. I thought I would like it more than I did. It's spicy, smoky, dry and a bit sharp on me. My favourite is Dzing!

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    I recently received a sample vial of 'Ananas Fizz'. I sprayed just a tiny bit on my wrist and really liked it!. Tomorrow I'll give it a proper tryout. Ill keep you posted.

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Ah hell, I changed my mind, couldn't wait until tomorrow. I applied Ananas Fizz shortly after my previous post 2 hours ago. The scent does not evolve much on my skin, it smells basically the same now as when I applied, only weaker. The scent itself smells like pineapple and coconut, it is quite nice, not too sweat either. I really enjoy the smell on this scent; It is a nice, light fragrance that would be well suited for the summer. My only gripes with this scent is that I think it would be better if it were a little more potent, lasted longer and had slightly more sillage. I applied it about 2 hours ago and already it has very noticeably weakened. If scents last well on your skin I would definatly recommend checking this one out as a summer scent. I would give it a 7/10. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    1. Tea for two is an outstanding dark smokey spicey tea. Sort of like chai latte concentrate.
    2. Annanas fizz is very effervescent pineapple scent that I like to wear now and then in summer. The lasting power is the pits.

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    From your list I only tried
    Tea for Two: I first liked it very much but then didn't buy it at least since I thought that I will get soon tired of the dominant tea note. But it's not bad since it's warm, smokey and spicy and could be nice for a cold winter day or evening.
    Thè pour un été: this one I didn't like from the beginning, there was one ingredient may be the jasmin which didn't fit me at all.
    I would recommend you to try the already mentioned Dzing, Voleur de Rose or Passage d'Enfer since these are very outstanding imho. Give also a try to Mechant Loup: for me it was a great disappointment since I wanted absolutely love it: I found the name great and the ingredients interesting but I didn't like the smell of the hazelnut which is always present.
    Others I tried were:
    Navegar - didn't affect me neither positive nor negative
    Premier Fiquier - the smell of fig confuses me

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Of the ones you mention, I've only tried The Pour Un Ete (I actually own it) and Tea for Two. The former is great for summer and has what I like to call "phantom" longevity. After a while, when the scent seems to have dissipated completely, it will suddenly reappear, but only for a brief moment. (The Gendarmes also have phantom longevity.) If I recall correctly, Tea for Two is smoky but was not compelling enough for a purchase.

    There is fragrance with bergamot and earl grey notes (among others) called Felissimo 56 which is made by L'Artisan for Felissimo. Check out (There's a bigger size for $80). This is one of my faves -- light but full of character, versatile (i.e. appropriate for summer or winter) and great longevity.

    Finally, let me chime in on the previous recommendations for Dzing! Passage d'Enfer is another fave.

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    The only L'Artisan fragrance I've tried is L'Eau de L'Artisan.
    It was very pleasant. Delicate. fruity and floral. A nice warm weather fragrance. Had no lasting power however.

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Quote Originally Posted by apekrul
    Méchant Loup was very special and intriguing from the first moment. Only drawback was that Dzing! seemed to overpower its brooding smell (it seems as though Méchant Loup is more of a background, omnipresent smell while Dzing! is more in-your-face). To me, it smelled a bit like sour applejuice and I couldn't help thinking that this must be the smell of the leader of a wolfpack's ... pee. Véry masculin and seductive in a vile kind of way. To quote Austin Powers: This ís my kind of bag baby!
    I would like to hear more on Mechant Loup. * I spritzed it at the counter and wished I had taken a sample to give it a proper try. * I must admit, wolf pee didn't come to mind and if it did...I wouldn't be inviting more comments! * *There was something unusual and yet pleasant about it though.

    I love the looks I get with Passage d'Enfer. *

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Hehe, well I must confess I've never smelled a wolf's pee for real but I have this (crazy) idea that for a wolf wandering into unknown territories, this might smell like the pee of the leader of the wolfpack who actually resides in that territory: dark and alarming yet very attractive. Like some people are always attracted to the 'wrong' kind of people, I think this scent captures that kind of attraction. Maybe this is a bit far fetched but hey, that's the feeling I get... Like Aqua Di Gio reminds me of a cube for some unknow reason [smiley=cheesy.gif]

    This afternoon, I'm going back to the shop where I smelled these l'Artisans and I'm going to try Tea for Two and either Passage d'Enfer or Méchant Loup again.


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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    L'Artisan is probably my favourite house and has some extremely cool and avantgarde scents. I always felt that they do in fact deliever excellent modernistic and off the beaten track stuff, as opposed to for instance CdG which IMO stands for great packaging and nice copywriting but overtly synthetic and unwearable fragrances.
    Anyhoo, my faves are:

    Ambre Extreme - Warm, creamy amber with sweet and spicy undertones - just great
    Tea for Two - Brilliant lapsang interpretations, licoricey and salty with nice balancing honey
    Bois Farine - Extremely original, peanutty sweet dough, very different, very nice
    Mechant Loup - Hazelnut bomb, woody gourmand, may be a little extreme at first but settles flawlessly
    Premier Figuier - Together with Philosykos the best take on the fig note, very longlasting on me
    Vanilla - Warm, but not too sweet, more like Raw semibitter plant-vanilla, layers superbly with TfT
    Dzing! - Weird but good cardboardy, sawdust leather with some sweetness
    Passage d'Enfer - Like Bulgari PH with added incense - great

    Don´t care so much for Timbuktu which was too woody and I find Mure et Musc and VdR too feminine for my liking


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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    I just had Navigateur sprayed on me and I find this almost exactly the same as Old Spice ... [smiley=undecided.gif]

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    ok, so i finally went to Sak's and tried some of these:

    1) Thé pour un Eté - WOW very nice and light, got a sample will probably try out tommorow!
    2) Ananas Fizz - I love the pineapple!, got a sample as well.
    3) Tea For Two - didnt get to sniff it, they didnt have the tester.
    4) Dzing! - wow, this stuff smells weird, but cool!! i dont know how to explain it, it smells like a leathery, cardboard box.
    5) mure et Musc - not bad...pretty light. i will have to sniff this one again.

    totally forgot to try passage d'enfer....

    but so far i like them all, very clean a well made. nothing too sharp that hurts my nose.

    thanks for all your imput!

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Too bad you forgot Passage d'Enfer. Its one of my top three of all time. And girls will melt when you wear it. It's light and hard to overdo. It has the smell of confidence to it, but not like a heavy, stuffy, dated kind of way. Its one of those scents that make you smell like you have alot of money, yet it smells nothing like any of those other scents. It does smell like church incense and it smells bookish. The first time I tried it from a sample I was underwhelmed, I could barely smell it, but I kept wearing it, and when my sample ran out, I ordered some ASAP. And fortunately, (unlike with some niche houses), my bottle smelled just like the sample, and I was extremely happy.

    I agree also with ParanoidAndroid. Alot of L'Artisan's polite scents are really boring and weak. Mure et musc and L'eau D'Artisan are dull IMO, when you stack them up against rapturous, evocative scents like Voleur de Roses, Dzing, Mechant Loup, and Passage D'Enfer.

    I also had a good laugh at Apekrul's description of Mechant Loup as "leader of the Wolfpack's pee" Its kind of true. You do feel like kind of a badass when wearing Mechant Loup. My sample is almost gone, I'm waiting until Fall to buy a full bottle along with Voleur de Roses.

    I'm bummed that L'Artisan seems to be listening to its "wuss" side nowadays with its boring, "orange blossom" type releases. Come on L'Artisan, we are waiting for you to cut loose with another oddball classic, THATS your bread and butter baby! No more pu$$y $hit! lol

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Timbuktu smells oddball to me. I want a VdR and Mechant Loup Extreme

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    Hi guys,

    I just returned from a trip through Italy and among lots of houses (Carthusia, Lorenzo Villorezi, ...), I also took the time to smell some more l'Artisans.

    Tea for Two: SUPER! Really classy and special
    Premier Figueur: this IS a fig in a bottle so if you like figs, this one's for you. The Extrème version is too much though.
    Timbuktu: good but not that special
    Patch: nothing special here...

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    Default Re: L'artisan?

    I tried only 3: 1. Tea for two: Wonderful, 2. Passage d'enfer, 3. Timbuktu; Is not for me

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