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    I infused a rather large bud in just enough perfumers' alcohol to cover. When the alcohol turned green, I repeated with another bud and then a third. I dried out the used buds and used them successfully for other purposes so I surmise that the active ingredient perhaps isn't soluble in alcohol but the aroma ingredients (of the raw cannabis, not the smoke) are. The tincture is bright green and has the aroma of freshly cut cannabis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Peterson View Post
    I dried out the used buds and used them successfully for other purposes
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    Black Afgano by Nasomatto supposedly has cannabis in it. Some say they can detect it while others can't. Either way, the frag smells great.

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    Some of us are allergic to cannabis and hemp ya know! I don't enjoy breaking out in blisters on my skin for touching it (the fibre that is).

    4160 Tuesdays uses it as a note and I believe one or two of the perfumes use cannabis oil. I remember when I wrote Sarah she stated something to that effect. The sample I had did not contain it but a synthetic note instead.
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    I've cannabis oil too.Also it doesn't smell because thats not essential or absolute.That's for medicine use.For parfumery you have to find absolute of cannabis.

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