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    I found out that by layering Polo Black with Polo Blue, with a touch of Polo Green, one appears to be cruisin' for a bruisin'.

    Actually, I've been trying the Polo Black all day long. It's one of those scents that, for some odd reason, I keep smelling and trying to figure out where I've sniffed it before, but can't. It's heavy with the patchouli on the drydown, and the iced mango note gives it a sort of Sung Paradise feel at the top... It smells like a number of other things already out there, but I just can't seem to put my finger, or nose, on it. And as much as I want to be damned to write it off as a cliched clone of something else, I keep sniffing.

    I know when I first received Armani Black Code last November/December, I was extremely disappointed at first, but really warmed up to it over several wearings and find myself enjoying it quite a bit now-a-days. Polo Black, at the moment, would be the lesser of the two as it just lacks the "black" label feel it's trying to go for.
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    I personally smell black violets in the scent. Its wonderful how it goes from fresh to aromatic fourge character.

    I think what Lauren was tring to say is that black doesn't alway have to be heavy and deep but can be bright and sharp....crisp.

    But yet I can see myself throwing my money down for it maybe I'll ask for it for christmas this year.

    I'm saving my money for Arpege Homme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bark
    Actually, I've been trying the Polo Black all day long. It's one of those scents that, for some odd reason, I keep smelling and trying to figure out where I've sniffed it before, but can't.
    I felt it was very much like Issey Miyake Bleue with the camphor note. Didn't like Black at all.
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    I'm personally getting tired of RL using the word "Polo" in it...I associate "preppie-wannabe" with it. The word "Black" is running close behind. Bulgari, Armani, Kenneth Cole, Versace, even Stetson (Eww!!). I was pretty bowled over when I just looked at the BN Directory look at all the Black scents.

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    This fragrance is far too boring to get this much coverage....
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    I bought Polo Black today and love it. It is really a different kind of scent. I like Polo Blue and hate Polo Green.
    Also what does the group think of Armania?

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    "Iced mango note"

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    I was quite disappointed. A very boring frag IMO.

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    Tis true the scent is uninspiring--as is the packaging. I just looked through my collection and pulled out a bottle of Tuscany Forte and realized the bottles are pretty darn close to one another. Unfortunately, the scents inside are miles apart. One almost wonders why, hypothetically speaking, Ralph Lauren didn't bother to buy the discontinued Forte formula and repackage it as Polo Black--it would have been everything he, and consumers, were looking for in a sophisticated scent.
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