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    Please, Can you tell me about Floris fragances?

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    Elite and #89. Get them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterbowles
    Elite and #89. Get them!

    I second the #89 recommendation. You might also want to try Santal (a great sandalwood scent) and JF (slight resemblance to Green Irish Tweed but unique unto itself).


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    Their Santal is an interesting take on sandlewood. It has a "hot," spicy, crisp quality that differs, from, say a lush and soft sandlewood like Santal Noble by MPG.

    Downsides: expense and longetivity (only average on me).

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    Good quality house with a lot of history.
    I recommend their Santal Extreme (the EdP version), spicy, sweet English Santal. Like Susanne Lang, Tipton Charles sandals.

    Summer limes is a very good fresh, lemony fragrance. Too late for summer.
    JF is a good GIT clone

    Didn't like Elite.
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    Summer LImes/Pink Grapefruit.

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    In a past trip to UK I had the chance to test a lot of Floris frags and from all of them, I would recommend Elite, very masculine and classy in the English way. In No. 89 there was some flowery that didn't finish to please me at all. As for Santal, although a very nice scent, I never got the sandalwood out of it. Floris Sandalwood might be another good option too, even though at that time I didn't like it as well; again some flower kept "buzzing" my nose... I'm considering the possibility of giving it a second chance with a full wearing and see if I can get to love it.
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    I second Floris Sandalwood. On my last trip to the UK I hit Harrods, and not being one to trust paper strips wanting to know how things develop, by the end of the afternoon about every accessable square inch of me was covered with finalists. One scent kept wafting upward soft and lovely, able to raise its head above all others and push them aside - it was the Floris Sandalwood. Refined, yet muscular beneath a starched white shirt and commanding silence among peers, able to speak softy and be heard. It appears as if the perfect single note of sandalwood, but in reality is cushioned with amber and musk. Well blended. Great longevity.

    It's also the only scent I've collected thus far that seems to possess the unique quality of projecting inward. Difficult to define, however it seems that I don't become anosmic to it as the day progresses. Instead it reminds you of its presence upon demand, as if a shield protecting you from malodors around. Business is taking me to the third world this month, and Floris Sandalwood will be traveling along.

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    I own JF, Elite, Santal, and Summer Limes. All of them are high quality. Coworkers have confused JF with Cool Water before. Another (female) coworker almost licked me when she smelled Santal. Elite has a slight soapiness to it that reminds me of Equipage. Summer Limes is right up there with E d'Orange Verte as a super-refreshing citrus.

    BTW, you can find insanely low prices on Floris at Marshalls. Also, some of their women's scents are fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by misterbowles
    Elite and #89. Get them!
    Where, other than the Floris website which I can't figure out for s*#t, can you purchase #89. I've looked all over and can't seem to find it anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321
    [quote author=misterbowles link=1125705478/0#1 date=1125723747]Elite and #89. Get them!
    Where, other than the Floris website which I can't figure out for s*#t, can you purchase #89. *I've looked all over and can't seem to find it anywhere.[/quote]

    You're not going to find the classic range anywhere but Floris. Believe me, I've tried and finally just went straight to them to get Sandalwood and No. 89.
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