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    Default Few more questions from a Newb

    Just a few...

    When you spray or blot a frag on your wrist/neck do you let it evaporate or rub it in?

    Sillage... is it a term for the radius of a scent, or the strength of the scent's "trail" as you walk through a room or hallway? There are some women where I work that wear perfume that you can smell in the stairwell and hallways 5-10 minutes after they are gone (I assume it's women, heh). Is that a super-sillage perfume?

    Signature scent... Is this the cologne/perfume you consider the all-purpose anytime scent?

    I've read some describe fragrances as a gourmond or l'artiste (I think), is this a category of fragrances? Like a woody fragrance or leathery or floral. I'm guessing there are 5 or so basic categories with different scents in each but similar?

    Have you ever sprayed a fragrance on you and maybe your nose became accostomed to it and you think the smell is gone, but it's not? I have purchased Egoiste Platinum and used it the first time yesterday. I really liked the scent however, after riding to work in my car (confined) and a short time afterwards I had a difficult time detecting the scent on me. I didn't want to ask people if they could smell it (they think I'm unique enough already, heh) but I was curious as to whether I became immune to it's odor.

    I have gone a little overboard, maybe, since I started reading this website. I've ordered quite a few mini bottles and testers of scents that I've tried to keep varied and from distinctly different intents. I've purchased Platinum Egoiste and Clinique's Happy for men this past week (both of which I've enjoyed greatly) and on Wednesday of this coming week I will receive:

    Vetiver by Guerlain
    L'Anarchiste by Caron
    Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent
    Gendarme V by Gendarme
    Himalaya by Creed
    Silver Mountain Water by Creed
    Tabarome Millesime by Creed
    Original Vetiver by Creed

    I may have stepped too deep, but it will smell good. (excuse my exuberance)

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Neub

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for fragrances! I was the exact same way when I first started this hobby. But be forewarned: don't buy blind based on what others have to say because I regretted a lot of my purchases this way. Buy samples and go with what you like. Let's see if I can answer a few of your questions...

    When I spray my neck or wrists, I let the cologne evaporate naturally. I believe that it lasts longer this way. When you rub it in I find the top notes fade rather quickly.

    Sillage is a french term (pronouned see-yij). It's used to describe how a scent lingers in the air. Fragrances with a lot of sillage such as Joop! and A*men can still be detected after the person has left the room. I also consider this term to describe how well a person can detect a smell on you. So in both regards to radius and scent trail, they are both correct.

    A signature scent is a frag that we use the most often in our rotation. Certain scents are only used for specific purposes depending on the occassion or season. A signature scent is used throughout the year and is versatile for almost any situation.

    A gourmand is a term used to describe scents which resemble food such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, etc.

    I get accustomed to almost every scent with the exception of strong ones like Le Male, Joop!, and A*men. Platinum Egoiste is my signature scent but my nose gets "immune" to it after about thirty minutes. I can't smell it anymore but I continue to receive compliments throughout the day so I know it's still there. It's a rather light scent so I don't expect it to last more than 4-6 hours on my skin. I find it very suitable for the office as it's not overpowering or offensive. Resist the temptation to overspray though.

    As for your recent purchases, I personally like Silver Mountain Water and Himalaya, although I find that I get "immune" to these scents after only ten minutes.

    Hope this helps and please post your impressions/opinions on your lastest purchases. I like reading what others have to say. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Thanks for the reply. The frags that I've ordered have been relatively cheap (relative to my searches through google/froogle anyway). I had a gift card for a local Dept. store and bought the two I mentioned- so my wife won't kill me this week.

    It is strange that fragrances had never become a hobby or interest of mine. I've always been a fan of good colognes and tried to pick a good one without ever knowing the real differences between fragrances. It wasn't until I was wearing Agua de Gio one day and a coworker (one I often clash with) asked what I was wearing. Within a few weeks I noticed that he purchased the same and wore it loud and proud. I never said anything to him, however I haven't used the cologne since then. I did start to pay attention to the colognes that other guys/gals wore and tried to dig through the scents.... then I decided to figure it out and was lead here.

    I'm still in search of more information. If anyone reads this and is interested in posting I would appreciate a few more links that you'd consider favorites or dependable references for fragrances, both opinions and for purchasing.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    That's why you should never tell the truth when someone asks what cologne you're wearing. LOL. Another site that I go to read reviews of scents is It has plenty of reviews and even some from fellow Basenoters. Oh yeah, nobody ever plans on acquiring this hobby. It just sort of falls in your lap. Whether it is a gift or a curse is something that I'm still trying to figure out.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Welcome to BN.

    1) I never rub after applying. It accelerates and changes the progression as intended by the perfumer.

    2) I'm pretty sure sillage refers to the trail of scent. I use "projection" in terms of how pervasive the detectable radius of a scent is, though that is just a personal thing.

    3) When I hear signature scent, I think of something a person would own and wear almost exclusively. Personally, I don't have one since I love too many to devote myself to one.

    4) teflondog nailed it

    5) Yes, your nose becomes accustomed to a scent rather quickly. This will vary with each fragrance and individual.

    A good site to browse around is, where you can find some good resources. I'd also recommend Mandy Aftel's book, Essence and Alchemy if you really want to know more about fragrance. One of my favorites.

    For online purchasing, I've used all the following satisfactorily.

    You can also find a lot of great samples and decants for sale here on the swap boards. It is a great way to sample scents without spending a lot of money. The list of what you have coming to you is quite impressive...almost a "greatest hits" of BN in many regards. L'Anarchiste is rather strange for some, but one of my favorites. That one may throw you a bit (some don't like it) with the top notes. Anyways, hope you enjoy all your new acquisitions and post your impressions of them.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    When I think of signature scent, I don't think of the scent that's most versatile ie I could wear anytime. Rather, I think of the scent that best suits my personality and my spirit, even if it's not suitable for everyday wear. For me that's Amouage Gold for Women. Definitely more of a luxurious evening out or a sensual special occasion. I stretch that by quite a bit, but it's still not the most versatile scent. Nevertheless, I feel that it embodies me most, and thus I would call it my signature scent.

    As for everything else....what they said [smiley=tongue.gif]

    ~Silk and Steel

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    I have that same problem I am also new to frags, today i had decided to wear Curve but i knew a few sprits would not be enough so I went with 15 and after about 30 mins NOTHING i could not smell it anymore I went into work I was going to ask someone if they could smell it but decided against as I was afraid of what the person might think.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Quote Originally Posted by Incedal
    I have that same problem I am also new to frags, today i had decided to wear Curve but i knew a few sprits would not be enough so I went with 15 and after about 30 mins NOTHING i could not smell it anymore I went into work I was going to ask someone if they could smell it but decided against as I was afraid of what the person might think.
    I always have to fight the temptation to ask other people what they think of my cologne. One time I was smelling my shirt to see if my scent faded and then someone walked in and asked if I was checking for B.O. It was embarassing.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    I always sniff my shirt to check if i can smell anything, I had a alot of times people looking weird because i did that, so i know what you feel.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    See this is where it's better to be a fragrance-obsessed girls...I can ask anyone I want.

    For me, I find that it's usually stronger than I perceive myself, but if I can't smell it at ALL it's usually actually gone.


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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Never rub a fragrance in. You'll "crush" the molecules and spoil the balance of the scent.

    Sillage means "that which lingers in the air after the passage of someone who is perfumed". It's the way it project, the way it surrounds you, the way it reaches out to other people. I think this simply means the volatility of the scent. If it is highly volatile, more scent molecules diffuse into the air and thus lingers longer!

    Signature scent, as the word tells us, is the scent which people will smell and associate with you.

    Gourmand scents can be fruity scents too. Like DKNY's new fragrance.

    Your nose will get accustomed to scents easily. It's a trait we inherited from our early ancestors. If a smell is of no longer importance to you(no longer signal danger), your brain automatically "switches off" to it and concentrates on your other senses.

    Wow! Those fragrances are awesome!!! Do give Guerlain Vetiver a bit more time. It'll smell a little weird at first, but you'll grow to like it.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Buket, welcome to the board and to the wonderful world of scent in general!

    You have ordered some really great scents, though I'm not a fan of Creed products.

    Your questions have been answered, but I'll make a suggestion....decants are definitely the way to go, particularly with the niche/artisinal fragrances, which can be really expensive. Go to the sell/swap board and try some Serge Lutens, Diptyques, Malle, MPGs and L'Artisans. It's a greay way to introduce yourself to some of the finest scents in the world for a fraction of the cost.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    Welcome to the forum, I don't feel so bad after seeing the decants you have lined up in the mail for you! Hehe.. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Yeah, don't rub the scent, it really does some harm to the scent on the drydown.

    And the most helpful things in choosing a scent is to read up on the different essences used in a scent (you'll be blown away at what they use sometimes for musk frags!). Even better, try and find a place that sells pure essential oils to help you zero in on the specific accords that you enjoy in a scent, in my case it was bergamot, basil, mint, oakmoss, tea, sandalwood, cedar, olibanum (frankincense), vetiver, amber, tonka, and patchouli. Phew, I know there's more...but it helpfully brings joy in discovering the multi-faceted complexities of a fragrance for me!

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

    ~My reviews~

    ~My Wardrobe~


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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    I really appreciate all the responses I've received thus far. I think the Creeds stick out to me because of the praise it has received and because of the high price tag... it's like a forbidden fruit. Now I'm figuring out that there's lots of different trees with many different fruits.

    Also, thanks for answering the question about the Gourmand type of fragrance. What are the other categories that you would place fragrances in? Well, specifically, the frags that I have listed in my previous post. I've researched them to some extent, but I'm interested more in others opinions because I'm still forming my own.

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    Default Re: Few more questions from a Newb

    There are many ways to classify fragrances!

    Take Guerlain Vetiver for example:
    Osmoz classifies it as woody-->aromatic
    Sephora classifies it as woody-->mossy woods
    Michael Edward classifies it as mossy woods-->classical

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