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    Default Money/Basenote-Swappers/Sellers

    I want to thank those who sell atomizers and decanters such that we can experience the plethora of scents out there before biting the bullet. Besides the service part, do any of you guys see your selling as a business? And if so, is there significant money to be made outside of basenotes in the real world?

    This whole cologne hobby is a wallet drainer, and I love spending my money wisely (as I'm only a student who is tight in the money department). Any cologne moneypinchers out there can offer some wise words of wisdom in spending money.

    On the side note, how does one respond to the pricing of fragrances in that a 1.7 costs 50 dollars and a 3.4 costs 70 on an economic level? I know that there are simple considerations such as the usage/love for the fragrance and sometimes 3.4 oz is just too much. As for decants, I can't see myself shelling out 12 bucks for a non-niche sample when I can buy a bottle of cologne for 30 off of ebay (but then the risk of buying it blind kicks in). When it comes to niche and more expensive products, I'm more understanding. Simply when it comes to buying cologne, it seems like if you pay a little more, you get more for your money but then there's still an aspect of loss. How do you reconcile with this?

    Sorry if this sounds rather rambleish... I hope someone understands where I'm heading.

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    I'm only 25 so I'm in the same money boat as you. I'm out of college, but student loans and the salary of a post-college job (plus the financial aspects of thinking ahead for grad school) sure do make money management important.

    My solution is just to not buy that many. My birthday is Tuesday and I'll be buying 3 or 4 (or more) bottles because I don't really know what I want except clothes and fragrance. So as a reward for staying alive another year, I'll put in $200 or so as wardrobe maintenance. I'll buy some more at Christmas.

    There's no way I would ever buy more than one expensive bottle or two cheap bottles per month. Most months I manage to not buy anything. I just get a lot of satisfaction from smelling, so samples are a good solution for me. I'm going to buy a few sets of samples at for my birthday as well. It's fun to buy 5 or 10 samples of the same note (different vetivers) or a variety of fragrances from a house like MPG to see which one(s) is your favorite. And they're 7 for $15 so it's not too much of a bankbreaker. I usually get a good amount of wear from each sample vial - I wore MPG Baime every day for 2 weeks and used just a little more than half of a common glass vial.

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    I'm just glad someone can do this for niche frags. I'm not one to go buying Amouage for $200 blindly, that's for sure! Thanks, Perfume Raffy!

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    Default Re: Money/Basenote-Swappers/Sellers

    I think the swap/sell board on this board has a wealth of niche decants and bottles at great prices. Yes I sell and swap decants but no I don't see it as a business as most the money goes back into buying more fragrances and the profit isn't all that great. I would much rather have half full bottles of my stuff so I can get more fragrances and also provide people with decants of great fragrances for the fraction of the cost of a whole bottle that you will never finish up anyways.
    I have more than 50 decants i bought and got from swaps of fragrances that I like but would never spend the mone for a whole bottle. Before this board I had no idea decants even existed but now thanks to this board I can have easy access to hundreds of fragrances without spending a bundle. For you newbies I suggest browsing the swap board here as there are many trustworty and great users offering great stuff that most of us would never have access to normally.
    One more issue is the business aspect, I know there are some users here who sell decants here and on ebay. I have no problem with them making money as long as they are providing a valuable service which benefits both the seller and buyer. Decanting takes time and effort and is not something I would expect someone to do for me without any benefit for them. We all have jobs, family, etc and perfumes should NOT be our number one priority.

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