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    Default Finally a bottle of Creed!!

    Well I finally recieved my first "full" bottle of Creed. I ran out to the mail box this morning expecting my bottle of Baime to be there, and sure enough a package!! yay, I ran back inside and opened, and it was my BdP!! It's only a 1 oz. bottle, but it's Bois du Portugal(the sample I've been savouring for months). The sample vial got about over 10 wearings so I feel that a little of this bad boy goes a long I'm only using it for formal occasions after today(football game and party lol). Any way I'm excited I thought I'd share it with you.

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    Default Re: Finally a bottle of Creed!!

    I haven't tried BdP, but I love Baime. Maybe I should find a sample of BdP.

    Anyway, congratulations!! You'll feel even better when your Baime arrives!

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    Default Re: Finally a bottle of Creed!!

    1 oz. of BDP is a lot for me. I don't have many occassions where I can wear it. I tried wearing it to a night club once and I felt so out of place. It was like dropping a gentleman in the middle of a heavy metal concert. I save this one for weddings or fancy restaurants.

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