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    Default Serge Lutens - Datura Noir review

    This Serge Lutens creation had me very intrigued, but unfortunately, fell short of my expectations due to one note. It begins beautifully, with bright manderine, heady tuberose, uplifting osmanthus (which is one of my favorite flowers!) and powdery datura. There is also a perfectly lovely base of soft musk that the flowers rest upon.

    Alas, but for one note. Almond. There is a strong sweet almondy-vanilla note in the base, and it is almost overpowering. Once this note begins to emerge from the base, it quickly takes over with its heady sweetness. Such a pity. Too sweet for me, and a little too almondy. The almond note reminds me of a sweet almond milk drink from the Chinese store that I use to like as a child, but soon grew sick of as I grew.

    If you are not as averse to such heavy sweetness, you will enjoy it. However, I think it would be a much better fragrance for me, and indeed a much better CRAFTED fragrance if the sweet almondy note were softer, or less sweet, or both. Then it wouldn't overpower the lovely symphony of flowers that Serge Lutens created with the tuberose, osmanthus, and datura, which wind about each other magnificently for those brief first few minutes.

    I tried it a second time today, and it's growing on me a little, but the almond is still a bit too much. I deem it rapidly approaching decant-worthy, but will probably not purchase an entire bottle.

    I would love to know what everyone else thinks of it as well.


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Datura Noir review

    I've owned this for awhle now (full size bottle) and I agree that the almond is pretty overpowering. Especially for me, a guy. The only way I found to wear this out is to spray VERY lightly because it's so easy to overdo it.

    But I will say this ... I think it's one of the best smelling fragrances on earth ... and when I'm home alone and not going out, I'll spray away at will because I just love almond and marzipan so much.

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Datura Noir review

    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321
    I'll spray away at will because I just love almond and marzipan so much.
    "...and the worms ate into his brain..."

    That's approximately the effect the almond/marzipan combo has on me. I can just feel the stuff penetrating my skull. Not a pleasant experience.


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