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    Default Please, which Diptyque...

    I find a store which works the house DIPTYQUE, in concrete the fragances:

    Eau de Diptyque.
    Eau D'elide.
    Tam Dao
    Jardin Clos

    Nice bottles, very classy and simple. My collector vein striked me again!! [smiley=laugh.gif]

    Now I dont have time to try all and I m not have idea of which of them are the best, so could you suggest me someone?? Not too oriental-sweet, I got a lot; versatile and sexy, prefer...

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    I think you should try all of them and see which you like best, BUT, I'm sure glad to offer my own tastes as advice for which to start looking into.

    I'd say start with Philosykos, then sniff Tam Dao, then sniff Virgilio.

    Really, all the Diptyques are good. The three I list here are manly, excellent, and different.
    Good luck!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    I don't know about Eau de Diptyque and Jardin Clos, but if you don't want something sweet or oriental, don't go for Tam Dao: it's a creamy oriental sandalwood. Also Oyedo can be fruity sweet in the dry down.
    Definetly give Philosykos a try: green fruity but not sweet. Sexy drydown!
    Also Virgilio is a fresh green blend of herbs dominated by thyme.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    You definitely have to sample Philosykos. Versatile scent IMO. I can wear it as a day scent and also when I go out to a night club or bar.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    Not on your list is L'ombre which is very green tomato-ey to me. One of my favorites. I also agree with Philosykos (I dig the fig). Tam Dao is the only sandlewood I consider.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    Another vote for Philosykos.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    Seems to be one of the most popular questions round here...

    My faves are
    L'Ombre dans l'Eau
    Tad Dao

    and on some days that I can handle the excessive floral nature of it, the beautiful Jardin Clos.

    Oyedo with it fresh fruity Yuzu opening, Opone with its saffron and rose and Eau d'Elide are other must sniffs. I might be buying or more of them VERY soon.

    Oh...and don't let the label of "Room Freshner" scare you. The John Galliano fragrance is a MAGNIFICENT smokey woody vanilla musky smell that must be tried to be believed.

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    Default Re: Please, which Diptyque...

    My top 3 Diptyques are

    Virgilio (herbal, fresh, ultra-dark green and not sweet at all)
    Ombre dans l'eau (fruity, slightly sweet, but not too much)
    Ofrésia (a very pure, refined floral)

    Tam Dao is a great scent, but may be too much on the oriental side for you.

    Jardin Clos is a a light, clean, aquatic floral. Perfect for summer days.

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