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    Default AWESOME AUTUMN SCENTS: Fragonard Eau des Garrigues

    With cooler nights and a new breeze whispering the approach of autumn, I have started to desire scents that still feel like summer but with a little more depth: Itís the time of year again for Fragonardís Eau des Garrigues. Being a huge fan of Fragonard, ever since having traveled to Paris and toured the museum as a teenager, I have slowly been further exploring this reasonably-priced and too often under-rated range. Last summer, I received a bottle of Eau des Garrigues in a swap and the experience turned out to be one of those divine moments when something totally unexpected and perfect falls into your lap. A unisex fragrance, Eau des Garrigues (which translates to something along the lines of ďwater of the scrublandsĒ) has notes of bergamot, bitter orange, neroli, magnolia, freesia, cardamom, nutmeg and oak moss.

    As a guy I enjoy floral notes in fragrance but donít often come across menís scents that highlight their beauty. Generally, when they are used they are muted into middle notes and limited to florals such as carnation, neroli and jasmine. Eau des Garrigues is surprising in that it makes good use of the white floral magnolia note, a rarity in both modern and unisex perfumery, while taming it with high notes of orange and bergamot and lower notes of nutmeg and oakmoss.

    I find the overall effect of this composition to be like a late afternoon sunset, when the orange rays of the sun break through the white clouds set against an amber sky. The combination of the magnolia and cardamom create an almost fig-like effect, albeit subtle and airy. Donít let the notes fool you - Garrigues never feels heavy and, considering the floral notes, doesnít really come across as feminine. Though not terribly complex, the aroma is comforting and settles into the skin nicely with adequate lasting power. While wearing it, a few of my male friends offered inquisitive comments Ė one thought it smelled like his Dior Dune for men, while the other asked if it was Fahrenheit.

    An unusual fragrance that is not widely known or available, Garrigues might be that certain scent that captures the attention of both men and women alike!

    Eau des Garrigues may be purchased directly from Fragonard at a price of 18 Euros or $22 for a 100ml refillable spray. Visit <>

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    Default Re: AWESOME AUTUMN SCENTS: Fragonard Eau des Garri

    An excellent price for what sounds like a wonderful fragrance!

    Also, a wonderful review!!!

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    Default Re: AWESOME AUTUMN SCENTS: Fragonard Eau des Garri

    great choice just got a great amount of sample from fragonard and yes eau des guarigues is great

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: AWESOME AUTUMN SCENTS: Fragonard Eau des Garri

    regarding the price I can assure you that the quality is excellent for the price I have also ordered
    soaps body lotions and the after shave balm the quality is superb, smart packaging and presentation a great great house going in 2006 and never goes old fashionned.

    Thank you scenteur7 for your review and your interest for this house

    Invisible Power

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