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    Default French Connection United Kingdom

    This is $14.99 at TJ Maxx.

    Interesting scent. Starts out as a Clean for Men type scent (shower type of accord), then morphs into a Mambo/Spark type scent.

    Incredible staying power.

    Gotta hate the name/initials implication.
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    Default Re: French Connection United Kingdom

    I agree. Not a bad scent. Unfortunate name.

    chcuk (sp)

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    Default Re: French Connection United Kingdom

    And here I happen to like the name. I have a tightfitting black tee that reads across it in small white letters "cool as fcuk" and I love it. Very hip and sassy. They make nice stuff. Overpriced, but nice.

    Haven't tried their scents yet though.


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    Default Re: French Connection United Kingdom

    I love French Connection clothing, but not a fan of the scent as much. Just didn't sit well with me, but if it's that cheap I might check it out again.... [smiley=cheesy.gif]

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    Default Re: French Connection United Kingdom

    I've seen it cheaper online. Not bad.. the same ubiquitous
    fresh smell that has permeated the commerical scent market..
    The bottle is very similar in color to Higher by Dior.
    I however like their cheap but effective marketing ploy to attract the
    young rebel: FCUK Him, FCUK Her, Cool As Fcuk

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    Default Re: French Connection United Kingdom

    Dunno, but here most people consider FCUK to be the english equivalent of Abercrombie & Fitch, I guess it's that whole omnipresent overhyped logo thing. I do have to admit that when they opened their Houston store I bought their "Houston's first fcuk" t-shirt, it kinda seemed funny at the time but now I think it's tacky... I never wore it. The French Connection clothing is more subtle and mature.

    As for the fragrance (FCUK Him, I gather?) it's nothing to write home about - instantly forgettable.

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