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    . . . so i had seen these before, and thought ew cheapo surfer scent. anyway, a very good friend of mine who i think always smells really good revealed to me that he wears Ocean Pacific Juice and Blend mixed together.

    i tried them on separately and Juice was a clean crisp, slightly fruity, minty scent. it was good, bc it didn't smell like every other clean scent out now that starts to smell like aqua something after about 10 min. Blend smelled just like Dolce & Gabbana PH but less sharp. i even waited to see if it developed into something else but they are almost identical, except Blend is less heady bc its a EDC.

    they have good lasting power together for being only EDC's

    the bottles are odd. they are ergonomically shaped tall bottles that are enveloped in squishy rubber like the stuff on grips for pens. they have a lever like the Cerruti Image bottle but they spray upwards from the top.

    anyway, mixed together they are a wonderful fresh blend that i think i might just have to have. *pulls out credit card*

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    I like juice your right its fresh fruity with like a shot of vodka in there too.

    Blend just reminded me too much of Dolce & Gabbana. You should try their other scent for men called Ocean Pacific, it comes a real unique bottle that has blue oil press between the glass bottle. The scent is 100% diffrent turn from Juice.

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