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    Default Traveling With Fragrances

    Hey guys im just wondering, since I am about to take a trip down to Mexico is there anything against traveling with fragrances? Should I put all the Fragrance's I am bringing in my carry on or regular luggage? How do you suggest packing them? Thanks!

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    I don't think it matters whether you put it in your carry-on or checked luggage.

    I always wrap bottles in a Ziploc bag and stick it in between clothes in my bag.

    However, I'm going to have to find a new method because I've had it with checked luggage and I'm going to start using a big backpack for everything except really long trips. I've lost my luggage one too many times.

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    Default Re: Traveling With Fragrances

    Most scents have a pretty solid bottle, so no great care need be taken. On my recent trip, I just put my ones in a toiletry bag that I got as a free gift with a scent purchase, which I then put it in my suitcase. And I carried a couple of fresh ones in my carry on bag.

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    [blue]I would check with your airline. I know when I travelled to Australia recently, there was a total limit on how much alcohol one could carry and how large each individual bottle could be with regard to capacity. These limits were not the same ones imposed upon alcoholic beverages. Believe it or not, these limits are specified. Whether or not you ever get stopped and searched for carrying a 16.8 oz bottle of *Green Irish Tweed* is another story. [smiley=grin.gif]


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    I'd be tempted to take them carry-on. Aside from the issue of lost luggage, I've had several examples of leakage when bringing them along in checked luggage. Don't know if the luggage hold pressurizes different than the passenger cabin. Maybe pure coincidence, but I carry mine onboard now.


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    Default Re: Traveling With Fragrances

    I'd decant whatever I needed into some little vials (I have plastic 3ml spray vials that work well) and go that way--or bring samples I haven't tried yet. Better yet, bring nothing and splurge on some fragrance while there!
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    Default Re: Traveling With Fragrances

    I had the same question when I was travelling from DC to Chicago. *I decided to risk it and packed 15 bottles in my suitcase and 10 bottles in my handbag and I got no question or hassles at all. Nothing leaked or broke either. I had everything in its box and I put a pillow in my suitcase to provide some cushion.

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    I`m always take 4-8 perfumes with me - some bottles, some decants.... And always take it without package, in carry-on luggage, in upright position, cushioned in something like air-dotted cellophane...

    Right now - I get Jicky Edt, Bandit and Fendi Theorema in bottles in my business trip.
    And Incense Norma Kamali, Ambre et Cuir Sauze, One by Hannes B in decants.
    Going to buy something here too.

    And when I going to somewhere to buy more parfums - every time I take a special bag for it.
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