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Thread: Jacomo Rouge

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    Default Jacomo Rouge

    I've been suggested this as a more subtle and rare alterative to Le Male, but i can't sample it at any stores nearby so i might buy it blind as it's not expensive.

    Is it any good? I mean a scent on these lines can easily go badly wrong, anyone who's smelled it please advise.


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    I'm spanish. I buy a bottle 3.4 oz - 100 ml. ------10 th August in Madrid, 42 €.
    The top notes are more sweet (similar to Givenchy Xeryous Rouge). Is more sticky.
    The bottle is fantastic. Is similar a zippo.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    I recently purchased this one rather cheap online and it will get a lot of use when it cools down and at night in the fall. *It doesn't smell inexepensive at all and is unique to my nose----similar to LeMale but with a little bit different character making more like a cousin than a sibling to LeMale. *I haven't worn it a full day yet but it smells like it will last pretty well from my having sprayed some on the back of hand before bed and 7 hours later I woke up and could still smell it. *As a more accurate comparison IMO---Thierry Mugler's Bmen is very close to Jacomo Rouge. If you can find Bmen then sample it and if you like it you will like Jac Rouge.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    IMO, Jacomo Rouge is the next best thing to Le Male...but it doesnt last so long on my skin...think that Bmen smells totally different...When u spray Jacomo Rouge, u think immediately at Le Male..

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    Thanks renzo, cookesoul, The_love. [smiley=smiley.gif]

    Is it anything like Rochas Man?

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    Quote Originally Posted by ryydman
    Thanks renzo, cookesoul, The_love. *[smiley=smiley.gif]

    Is it anything like Rochas Man?
    While I've heard people compare Jacomo Rouge to Rochas Man, the only similarities I find between the two is the vanilla base. I don't detect any chocolate in Jacomo. It's more of a sweet powdery vanilla drydown. I'm guessing the tonka in the basenotes combined with the incense imply somewhat of a cocoa accord. I found Jacomo Rouge very similar to Le Male but not as heavy or long lasting. To my nose it also shares some properties with Body Kouros. It's a good alternative for those close encounters when you want something more subtle, but you still have to go easy on the trigger. Hope this helps.

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    It is almost Le Male but with a touch of mint.A good buy - I have seen it at $9 for 100ml at
    Scentiments a few days back.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    I have two bottles of Rouge. I don't find it to be anything like B*Men. Its obvious comparison is Le Male, but it is much more complex and sophisticated. Basically, it is Le Male without the cheesy (figuratively speaking, of course) club-going element.

    Beyond that, it is VERY long-lasting. One of the best vanilla bases you'll find.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    Look on Ebay . I purchased a new bottle about 3 months ago for about $12 *and I recently saw it again for $9.99

    A nice sticky fragrance that has a good drydown and last alllll day . If yor enjoy a sweet gourmand scent, this is

    a great bargain. I call the sweet top note in this fragrance the (Jolly Rancher) note. Try it and you will understand.

    I truly believe this is a reworked version of Jacomo's now discontinued Ambro both with mint and sweetner added.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Rouge

    Thanks for the help guys, i'm in the UK but i'm gonna order from the US. I don't always tolerate sweet scents that well but i'm determined to not limit myself to aquatic and citrus colognes. I'm thinking of getting Body Kouros aswell, and possibly Rochas Man. My cologne collection needs more breadth and depth.

    I'm aiming to have about 25 as a ball park figure. And i'm trying to stay away from the hyper common ones here in the UK eg. Le Male, Joop, Polo Sport, Issey Miyake and Cool Water though[smiley=rolleyes.gif]


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