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    Default Patricia de Nicola´

    Please. After New York, what's the best second Patricia Nicolai fragance

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    I'd very much like to know also, but I recentley sampled Baladin. Marvelous if you are a leather fan. But please don't tell the others, or it will become the next Creed and too many people start wearin it! [smiley=wink.gif]

    I'd buy any of them, if I had the chance (and the money)

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´

    Though I've yet to experience it, I understand that Cologne Sologne is outstanding. I'm on the prowl for some currently.


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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´

    I have a few Nicolai's and I love them! Cologne Sologne, Grand Vacances, New York, Baladin, Cologne Nature.

    Incredible scents!

    Baladin is a leather but in such a "light" modern way. It would be easy for a leather hater to wear this one! Its got that creamyness to it that seems to be Nicolai's house note. I have yet to smell a Nicolai that I don't LOVE, not just like, LOVE!

    Heartily recomend her scents, the quality and craftmanship is better than many of the "niche" houses and all the scents I have tried have been original, unlike some of the scents niche houses have been throwing out recently.

    Currently wearing: CK All by Calvin Klein

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´

    I love this house too. Along with New York, Pour Homme is amazing. Very "Guerlainesque" to me with some lavander, maybe a touch of vanilla but not too sweet, galbanum and some mint. A traditional "pour homme" but not too much like anything else. In the vein of Mouchoir de Monsieur/Jicky.
    Her Vetyver is nice too with a touch of cumin. A vetiver that vetiver lovers and haters both will like. Balle de Match is a great take on citrus. Very tonic and likely not what you'd expect. Baladin is a light leather with vetiver and it is much more complex than I originally thought. Cologne Sologne is a most incredible take on the traditional EdC. It has quite a bit of neroli and it lasts far better than any other traditional EdC I have tried.
    I look forward to sampling everything from Nicolai.


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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´

    I love Vetyver.

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    I found Cologne Sologne to be a little too sweet for my tastes, but Carre d'As is perfect for the summer heat (and it lasts quite well too). May I put in a good word for Eau d'Ete as well? Very refreshing. There are orientals that I prefer to New York, but it is a supremely distinguished scent.


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