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    Default Courreges NIAGARA for Men - experiences?

    I've always been curious about this one! Has anyone ever had any experience with this and does anyone know if it is still being produced?


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    Default Re: Courreges NIAGARA for Men - experiences?


    I have been so curious on this one too. I have almost bought a tester on ebay which is not cheep. I believe its been discontinued.

    I read once that it not fresh like the Niagara Falls but more sharp leathery chypre.

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    Default Re: Courreges NIAGARA for Men - experiences?

    Yes, I am curious as well, as I like some of the early Courrges Women's scents. I'm concerned about the age and quality of the bottles I've seen on Ebay, and I'm really trying to cut down on buying blind...I wish we had some more info!

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    Default Re: Courreges NIAGARA for Men - experiences?

    I just picked up another large bottle (100ml) of this hard to find great classic for a steal ($8)

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