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    Default Versace Black Jeans, review

    Sprayed some on a card, left it for 14 hours, it was still standing strong.

    The Black Jeans, it goes on sharp and pungent, evens out to a very dry, masculine, "comfortable old leather jacket" smell. Very nice.

    I've tried it on me a couple of times, girlfriend loves it, "fruity but masculine" she says, she also said it smells like a nice leather jacket.

    Another winner [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans, review

    Hmmm, I had high hopes for this one and tried it numerous times, but there was a note in it that I couldn't get past, perhaps the rosemary or geranium? I definitely wouldn't call it fruity or leathery, though it was quite dry. I'm really glad it worked for you! Sadly, Blue jeans was the only scent I liked from the jeans range...


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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans, review

    Black Jeans has a nice vetiver note in it. A bit out of place in the other notes. I agree that it is very blah.. of the jeans range the only scent I like is jeans coutoure. Nice fresh smelling scent.
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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans, review

    I like the entire Jeans range. The woody spicy Black Jeans was always my favourite, but doesn't last as long on me as I'd like. I now have the added complication that my ladyfriend sneezes continually whenever I wear it.
    The other stand out in the Jeans range is Green Jeans - it smelled pretty average whenever I tested it on the paper, but was remarkably good when I actually wore it.

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