Wow: I didn't know there was a "community" for people like me. (I have searched for fragrance groups, but haven't been able to find any that were serious.) I have been interested in fragrances since, probably, Junior High, when I discovered how scents can affect one's moods. My first real love, as I recall, was probably Aqua Velva Redwood, sold at the local grocery store. (Aqua Velva Menthol Mist was a close second.) From there I progressed to Nautica, and eventually Polo (the original green) which doesn't smell quite the same to me now as it did back then (I'm in my early 40's): too much musk or something, which is also my complaint with Ralph Lauren Safari. Anyway, my all-time favorites (so far) are Safari, Lancome's Miracle Homme, New West (tell me again why they stopped making it??), and Givenchy's Gentleman. I also like Guerlain's Heritage, which smells like spicy mandarin oranges to me, and Burberry London, which reminds me of gingerbread on a winter day. I have smell-tested Kenneth Cole's Reaction, but wasn't impressed until I learned those top notes are watermelon and apple, two of my favorite fruit scents. (I will have to test that one again.) Does anyone know of a cologne that is similar to Aqua Velva Redwood? I remember it as being such a good scent that it must SURELY be duplicated somewhere. * *