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Thread: Madini sale

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    For those who care, Madini is having a end of summer sale. 3 ml bottles are reduced from standard price of $15 to $10 with the use of the word Summer in the comments section when checking out. Sale applies to in stock items only and ends September 10th. I hope SixCats doesn't go crazy!

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    I got this email too. Any Madinis out there that people suggest? Musk Pierre was too sweet for me.
    Oriscent, AgarAura Pure Ouds, Creed, LIDGE, Patou Pour Homme, tons of niche and rare stuff for sale!!!

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    I wish we had a "Mr. Madini Cranky," so to speak...
    But in all seriousness, ask SixCats, as he's tried every single oil they've got [smiley=wink.gif] he's the one to point you in the right direction and give you the groovy suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZsmells
    I got this email too. Any Madinis out there that people suggest? Musk Pierre was too sweet for me.
    I have only sampled five and like two of them enough to consider purchasing, with another being to my liking, but similar to stuff I already have.

    I think the Musk Gazelle and Ambargris are really good, but since I don't have my samples, I can't tell you how they smell. They are winter time type scents for me and its been a long time since I've tried them. Winter is nice and I seem to remember thinking it was a bit like Clinique Chemistry and some unknown Creed (SMW maybe) mixed together. I think somebody commented that Ambargis was very similar to Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan if that helps, though I could be wrong in that recollection.

    I think Marlen has sampled a lot of the madinis as hopefully he and SixCats will jump in with some thoughts.

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    Ambre Sultan is perhaps my all-time favorite fragrance, and Madini Ambargris gives it a serious run for its money -- at a fraction of the cost!! Madini uses real ambergris in its potion. Fantastic. Also, AZsmells, knowing you are a sandalwood fan (I mean a fan of sandalwood), you really ought to try Madini Santal Blanc. It's beautiful and cooling and so natural-smelling. I also really like Clavel, Madini's clove/carnation oil. It's very spicy. I like to layer it with SMN Potpourri, Diptyque L'Eau and Eau Lente to give them some extra oomph. I've been very happy with single-note Madinis, but their blends can be rather weird and should be sampled first.

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    Hi all,

    Geeeze...just when I am trying to CUT BACK and save money and...THIS comes along! I suppose I will HAVE to buy at least a couple more than two bottles! Ahhhhhhhh!


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