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Thread: Madini sale

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    For those who care, Madini is having a end of summer sale. 3 ml bottles are reduced from standard price of $15 to $10 with the use of the word Summer in the comments section when checking out. Sale applies to in stock items only and ends September 10th. I hope SixCats doesn't go crazy!

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    Default Re: Madini sale

    I got this email too. Any Madinis out there that people suggest? Musk Pierre was too sweet for me.

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    I wish we had a "Mr. Madini Cranky," so to speak...
    But in all seriousness, ask SixCats, as he's tried every single oil they've got [smiley=wink.gif] he's the one to point you in the right direction and give you the groovy suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZsmells
    I got this email too. Any Madinis out there that people suggest? Musk Pierre was too sweet for me.
    I have only sampled five and like two of them enough to consider purchasing, with another being to my liking, but similar to stuff I already have.

    I think the Musk Gazelle and Ambargris are really good, but since I don't have my samples, I can't tell you how they smell. They are winter time type scents for me and its been a long time since I've tried them. Winter is nice and I seem to remember thinking it was a bit like Clinique Chemistry and some unknown Creed (SMW maybe) mixed together. I think somebody commented that Ambargis was very similar to Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan if that helps, though I could be wrong in that recollection.

    I think Marlen has sampled a lot of the madinis as hopefully he and SixCats will jump in with some thoughts.

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    Ambre Sultan is perhaps my all-time favorite fragrance, and Madini Ambargris gives it a serious run for its money -- at a fraction of the cost!! Madini uses real ambergris in its potion. Fantastic. Also, AZsmells, knowing you are a sandalwood fan (I mean a fan of sandalwood), you really ought to try Madini Santal Blanc. It's beautiful and cooling and so natural-smelling. I also really like Clavel, Madini's clove/carnation oil. It's very spicy. I like to layer it with SMN Potpourri, Diptyque L'Eau and Eau Lente to give them some extra oomph. I've been very happy with single-note Madinis, but their blends can be rather weird and should be sampled first.

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    Hi all,

    Geeeze...just when I am trying to CUT BACK and save money and...THIS comes along! I suppose I will HAVE to buy at least a couple more than two bottles! Ahhhhhhhh!


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