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    Default Bogus Fragrance Article in this Month's Details

    I usually skim this magazine at the gym. I skew a little old for its demograhpics, but it'll usually have a few articles that interest me. It's sort of a 20/30something mag for young executives/preppies/playboys/metrosexuals/fashionistas/young men on the go types without the naked women.

    By the way, does any guy REALLY pay $395. for a pair of jean?

    Anyhoo, toward the end of the mag was a one-page article entitled "Getting Over Your Fear of Fragrance." It basically gave common sense advise regarding not wearing too much, explains the "types" of frags, and explains that TODAY'S scents are much lighter and not as crass or vulgar or loud as those 70-80s scents! (BOO!) Then they have a brief interview with the parfumer who invented Eternity "and other high end brands." lol

    So it was a very routine little puff piece for the VERY casual cologne wearer, but the best part was the next page, where proudly displayed as EXAMPLES of the new, non-offensive, wonderful scents were...why, the exact same scents that advertised earlier in the magazine!

    Z Zegna! Black Code! Polo Black! Boss! and ETC!!

    Coincidence? YOU decide!

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    Default Re: Bogus Fragrance Article in this Month's Detail

    Hehehe. Well, ya gotta admit those frags ARE heavily advertised toward 20-somethings.
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: Bogus Fragrance Article in this Month's Detail

    395$? [smiley=shocked.gif]

    I'd have a hard time even finding such an expensive pair of JEANS. Maybe if it's some special model from an expensive fashion brand imported from the states (that's way behind danish fashion trends already - or so they say at least). I've actually started buying danish design clothes now and I only pay around 100$ a pair. Really nice quality and design. Also, I'd really be sad about ruining a pair of jeans with a price tag of 395$ to be honest. Not all jeans are able to survive a festival or stuff like that.

    Not really a coincidence I think. I'm afraid that's what journalistic writing is all about these days. That said - advertising for a fragrance must be really hard because it's very subjective wether you like a fragrance or not. Many people might go to a store, try the new fragrance they have just seen in an advertisement and then pick something completely different they like better. No matter how much you advertise for a fragrance, for most people it all comes down to if you like the scent or not.

    Then there are all the young bandwagon-people who only buy the newest stuff because they think that the newest is the best because they read so in a fashion magazine. Price doesn't really matter. Sad but usually not my problem as I only wear what I like myself. I study in some buildings right next to a high-school and you won't believe how much stuff the guys over there wear because they are fashion victims (you can have a small list if you like [smiley=grin.gif]). I'd be quite special over there for only wearing jeans and a shirt.

    Somehow I have come to like that bandwagon though. Because usually I'm not on it. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Default Re: Bogus Fragrance Article in this Month's Detail

    Fashion amuses me - specifically how much people will pay because they are told that it is what you should be wearing. People walk around looking (or smelling) terrible just because they saw a shirt in a magazine. I hope that somewhere deep inside they know how silly they look.
    I'm just waiting for all those expensive, brightly multicolored, striped (ugly as hell) shirts to turn up in the used clothing shops. Give it a year and there will be piles of them.

    As with fragrances, fads come and go, but classic fashion will never go out of style.


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