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    Default putting on cologne

    After I spray my scent on, I seem to have better luck by rubbing it in. Creates more lasting power.
    Tried this on D&g and A-men with great results

    Has anyone else found this to be true? I always thought that this wore down the scent quicker.

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    Default Re: putting on cologne

    Never tried rubbing it in, but I do press scent from one wrist to another. Kinda like spreading the scent around without overdosing on a spray here, a spray there. I also do strategic half-sprays when possible (not always possible though - some sprays seem to work on an all-or-nothing principle and you have no control over how much spray you get.)

    A good place to spray is in the crooks of the elbows.

    The back of the knees is also another spot, though not usually the most obvious place to spray. Particularly effective on scents with a lot of siliage/very strong scents. (i.e. M7, Quorum, Pasha)

    Although it is usually a fantastic spot for spraying a scent, the back of the neck might not be the best spot for a scent which is long-lasting/strong. I recently did this with Boss #1 and it was a bit cloying. I would expect this would be lethal with a scent like M7.
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    Default Re: putting on cologne

    Unlike many on this board, my sweat is very acidic and degrades scents rather quickly. On me, scents like A*men and Le Male are not very powerful at all and are "just right". This has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that I have to practically bathe myself in the lighter scents just to get them to last on me. The advantage is that I can apply scents which are considered very overpowering without having to worry about offending others. I apply one spray on my chest, throat, back of my neck, crook of my elbows, and wrists. I also add an additional spray or two on my shirt for added longevity. Everybody has their own technique of application and mine suits my body chemistry just nicely.

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    Default Re: putting on cologne

    I prefer to let a scent evaporate on my skin without touching it. It seems to last longer this way, and not break down so quickly.

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