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    Default Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    After recent wearings of such polarizing scents as Bulgari Black and Gucci Pour Homme, I am trying a rather more conservative and subdued scent from Carthusia, namely Carthusia Uomo. The history of this perfumer is certainly romantic, and the fragrances they produce are high quality. From the Carthusia website:

    * Legend has it that in 1380 the Father Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo was taken unawares by the news of the arrival on Capri of the Queen Giovanna D' Angio' and so made a flower arrangement with the most beautiful flowers of the island. The water was not changed for three days and, when the flowers were thrown away, the Prior noticed that the water acquired a fragrance unknown to him. He went to the father alchemist who traced the origin of this scent back to the "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese". That water became the first perfume of Capri.
    * History, on the other hand, relates that in 1948 the Prior of the Monastery discovered the old formulas of the perfumes and, by permission of the Pope, revealed them to a chemist of Torino, who created the smallest laboratory in the world and called it "Carthusia", i.e. "Certosa".
    * The tradition is now being continued and the limited production means being able to use the same methods as the Carthusian monks. All the preparations are made from genuine products of high quality and even the end product is hand-wrapped. The essence derived from rosemary picked on Monte Solaro is used in men's products, while the essence of Capri wild carnation is used in women's fragrances.

    The notes in Carthusia Uomo are described as wild raspberry, rosewood, and kelp. All are believable, yet this scent is not fruity or sweet in the least. More than anything it is a bit salty, herbal, and flowery, and I can also detect some musk. It is quite solemn, this scent, but somehow solid and quite evocative. There is nothing shimmering or sparkling here. The real star here is the rosewood, so if you love this note this may be your perfect scent. During the drydown, the saltiness, kelp and musk notes all retreat, leaving a slowly diminishing rosewood note. On my skin it lasts ~5 hours. This is not really a special occasion, or evening scent. Rather it would make a fine daytime/office fragrance. It strikes me that similar scents in general character, and that could be worn in similar situations, include Lanvin L'Homme, Bulgari Pour Homme, and Kenzo Pour Homme. I think it is certainly worthy of a try.


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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    Never tried any of their scents, but I'm really curious now. Thanks for the review. The only thing I can ad is that they have a website too.

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    I didn't like this one at all. I thought it had that "cologne" smell like a thosand others out there.

    I did like, and purchase, Mediterraneo and Ligea from the Carthusia line. The others, including Uomo, I didn't care for.

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    I own "IO Capri" and love it. Very, very heady.

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    Uomo did not do well on my skin at all. I have not tried the others. I'll give these another go the next time I am in Columbus Ohio at C O Bigelows.

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    If some of these recipes are in fact old ones the scents should have something in common with the early colognes we know? Mediterraneo too rings a bell (AdP). Is there special lasting power? Aria di Capri - Mimosa and peaches, unless chemistry - sounds very attractive! And 50 ml seems to be the regular size - do they ccost a fortune?

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    Carthusia Uomo had for me a very nice, refined and well blended similarity to Drakkar Noir. DN, Duc de Vervins, and Carthusia Uomo all resemble each other in ways I really like but don't wear anymore.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Carthusia Uomo - a brief review

    I really tried to like this one, but after many tries, I was always left with the same idea : one cheap Coty scent. So I gave up...

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