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    Jovan Andron, the infamous 'pheromone cologne' of the early eighties. Regularly see bottle of this sell for huge amounts on ebay, even with just a drop left in them..what's the deal with this stuff? Did it really work, or was it just overhyped PR?

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    It was highly overhyped. Pheromones in colognes aren't accurate simulations of our own body's natural pheromones. They might attract animals but as for humans, you'd be better off with even Acqua Di Gio

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    when I first read the title I thought it said "AndIron"....and I thought now there's a funny name for a scent...

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    Andron? Oye gevalt. The stuff was vile in its day and it only gets worse with age (I have a bottle here for collecting purposes only). Oh yea, this stuff will turn you into a chick magnet alright.

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