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    Default A couple of questions

    I`m new here, so hi everyone! *[smiley=smiley.gif]

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a couple of things...

    First, i once had the Fahrenheit after shave balm (when it was in a glass bottle), and this smelled really good on me (very different from the eau de toilette). Is there any eau de toilette/cologne out there that smells like this?

    And.... Is it still possible to get the old Santos De Cartier online? (not E-Bay). I can`t use the new, and really miss the old one now....

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Hey Echoes, pleased to meetcha! May I ask though, why you say no Ebay? I got a gift set awhile back of 100ml bottles of the EdT and After Shave of original Santos for something like thirty bucks! (It's been awhile and I forget exactly.) The bottles were completely full and the juice was choice. One of my greatest scores. If you check ratings, and go with Power Sellers (or whatever they're called) with lots of customers and a high rating (I mean nothing under 99% positive) you should come through just fine, no?

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Hi Coleman, thanks for your answer, and nice to meet you too! The problem is that i have been ripped off on the e-bay a couple of times [smiley=sad.gif]. But you are of course right - checking ratings and so on is very important (i didn`t...). A gift set for 30 bucks - well that was a good deal!

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Well, on Ebay I've done 50ish deals so far, all as a buyer and I've not had a bad experience yet. *(They haven't all been for fragrances, though.) *But follow those rules: *Power Sellers with lots of customers (some of 'em have like 50,000 reviews!) and positive rating of at least 99%. *I think you'll be fine!
    Happy hunting!

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    WELCOME! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    I've done over 250 on eBay with only a minor grumble here and there.

    Go for it I say! Theres always the Paypal back up insurance thingy.

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Had around 500 ebay transactions...been ripped off about 5 or 6 times. Annoying when it happens, but a 99% per cent succes rate is not to be sniffed at, especially considering the great prices and bargains to be found daily.

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Hi Echoes,

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM! *Fahrenheit is a hard call in finding a scent somewhat similar, come to think of it, it's very unique. *I'm thinking Eau d'Issey, but that in itself is much a drier fragrance than Fahrenheit. *As for the aftershave version, do you know what it is that they left out that made you appreciate it more?

    Another might be Boss Elements--that might be closer...and I just tried Jil Sander Sport and a lot of the basenotes were left out compared to the original, so it's a more lighter and similar to Fahrenheit (God I hate typing that word!) as far as the weight of the fragrance goes. *All I remember is that Fahrenheit was a fresh frag spiked hard with deeper green and wood notes, as if two harmonious scents were side by side of each other.

    I was always interested in Fahrenheit 0 Degres, but wasn't able to find it on the shelves to test...I might've been too late in finding out about it. *Different combination of essences when I compare it with the original in the Directory. *Oh well...hope I could help somewhat.

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    I also own the Fahrenheit balm, which does smell quite different from the EDT. Feels lovely on the skin when applied to...unfortunately mine sonly a 15 ml sample and will soon be gone Fahrenheit was my first fragrance love and have used it for 17 years. Have always had a bottle in my collection ever since it was launched. In fact my first bottle was purcahse in Paris and bought back to U.K before it had it's official launch here! I don't think I will ever completely fall out of love with fahrenheit, no matter how many new fragrances I acquire, it is as imaverick pointed out a very unique scent, and I also struggle to find anything I can compare it too. That is of course both a good and a bad thing, you either love it or hate it...but me, I love it.

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