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    *I've heard that members have had problems in the past with the 1/3 oz. sprays and have said that the 1 oz. sprays were fine, but what about the 1/2 oz. sprays? *I'm looking for something smaller, maybe around 1/4-1/2 oz. and cheap, like E.D. Luce, or like the roll-ons from Madina. I prefer a spray though. Gratsi!


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    Default Re: Madina Atomizers

    The Madina 1/2 oz sprays and roll-ons are fine too.

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    I got a gross of 1/3 oz. roll-ons from Madina for $25 and think they're great!

    The only thing is they were packed together inside a paper bag .... which was inside a cardboard shipping box ... and a few were broken during shipping. No big deal though as I still have roughly 130 good ones still.

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    I just received a gross of 1/3 oz. rollons from madina that leak like crazy. This is the first time I have had a problem.

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