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    Default Dior's Eau Noire?

    This stuff sounds very nice. But being a cologne,i am concerned how good the lasting power may be. Is it long lasting? Also,in your humble opinions,is it unique enough to warrant the high price.

    I cannot find any decants on ebay,so it will have to be a blind buy from Saks.
    Thanks alot.


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    Default Re: Dior's Eau Noire?

    Longevity is very good. It has stayed on me all day long here. Don't let the EDC fool you. But you wouldn't have known that really so it's always good to ask like you did. If you like Sables Annick Goutal, you may love Eau Noire even better.
    It's a truly magnificent fragrance in my opinion. Hopefully you will love it too.

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    Default Re: Dior's Eau Noire?

    It starts off rather smokey, and settled down nicely, but it reminded me of something else I couldn't put my finger on. Sort of like 1/2 parts New Haarlem and perhaps Sables. I may get it eventually, but I went with Bois D'Argent instead.
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    Default Re: Dior's Eau Noire?

    Before Luca Turin talked about Noire as having imortalle, there was no talk of Sables by AG anywhere.
    I don't find ANY similarity between it and Sables. It's more like Pour un Homme by Caron with a good measure of thyme and cedarwood. You could say it's like a very dark version of Caron's PuH.
    It shares with Bois d'Argent the same woody notes in the latest stage of its drydown.

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    Default Re: Dior's Eau Noire?

    [blue]I don't think the descriptor "Cologne" should be taken literally for the three fragrances in the Dior line. I have all three, and I can attest to better than average longevity, and, in the case of *Eau Noire*, extraordinary longevity and tenacious sillage.

    While I would have to agree with Killer Vavoom's characterization, in general, I would, however, add the following differentiation: a comparison with Caron's *Pour Un Homme* might suggest that lavender note in *Eau Noire* is a predominant note in terms of salience and duration. On the basis of two all-day wearings, I would have to say that the lavender appears only fleetingly in the top notes. It's more the vanilla in *Eau Noire*, that reminds one of the Caron's *Un Pour Homme*; although, I'd have to say, my initial impressions suggest that the vanilla note in *Eau Noire* is more the result of coumarin/tonka bean than it is vanilla.

    Extended reviews of all three of the Dior range to follow soon.


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    Default Re: Dior's Eau Noire?

    Eau Noire to me has no resemblence to Pour Un Homme Caron. Even though they both carry lavender and vanilla in them. Eau Noire does have a very heady imortelle note to it which gives you the impression of Sables AG. That's the clincher of those 2 scents only. This same imortelle note has the tendency to make these scent smell like brown sugar or maple syrup per say too. That note in itself makes both them memorable and unique onto themselves.

    Pour Un Homme is barbershop compared to EN's elegant night out on the town ambience.
    Eau Noire is worth the price tag, IMO. EN blows away PUH by miles.

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