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    Default MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HOMME

    Earlier in the week I reviewed Eau de Rochas, and as promised, here's my take on Eau de Rochas Homme:

    Thiere have already beem numerous threads devoted to the versatility and comfort of this fine crisp scent, so many of you will find this repetitious, but I gotta praise it again as a great summer scent.

    Eau de Rochas
    Top note : Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin
    Middle note : Basil, Artemisia, Coriander, Pine Needle
    Base note : Vetiver, Cedar, Amber, Oakmoss

    Eau de Rochas was created in 1993 (as a men's counterpart to the earlier Eau de Rochas), a time when Eau scents were popping up left and right, riding on the wave of popularity started by Eternity and Cool Water. However, where other scents went nuts with tea and ozonic notes, Rochas looked back to herbs and citrus to create a surprisingly addictive and intoxicating scent.

    The fragrance opens with a blast of tangy citrus similar to EdR, but the grassy greens of basil & artemisia, and darker greens of corander & pine add an exciting depth to the middle notes. On my skin, the top notes give way to the middle almost immediately, and the greens combine with the citrus into something similar to Earl Grey tea - imagine Duel Light! All the freshness without the musty basenotes.

    The base is perfection - a touch of vetiver adding a welcome sharpness, but not so much as to take over the scent. The cedar and oakmoss are perfectly blended with the amber to create just enough of an anchor to keep the scent from disappearing too quickly.

    Overall the scent is not as sweet as the earlier reviewed St Barth or L'Eau par Kenzo, but is actually more interesting to me than say, Eau de Guerlain.

    Eau de Rochas for men may be purchased at for $29.84 for a 100ml edt spray.


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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HO

    I had a small bottle of EdR homme and I gave it away to a coworker. I often wish I still had it. This is a great scent. In some ways it reminds me of a 90's rendition of Blenheim Bouquet, i.e. zesty citrus opening with a really classy herbal/green follow-up. I love it. Now I wonder if I should get another small bottle...
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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HO

    Can't help but feel like you're on Cloud 9 wearing this one. All time favorite. One of the best.


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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HO

    Which is better, the original or the pour homme?

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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HO


    Check out this link:
    I had actually confused Eau De Rochas with the Homme. I had a mini of the 'Femme' if you may, and that is very sharp and tangy, very limey-lemony-spicy fresh, strong and beautiful. This is the one that reminds me of an old-world bathroom with checkered black-and-white square tiles and a stand-alone bathroom, very exotic something mediterranean.

    The 'Homme' on the other hand, which is now in my top-5 is a little subdued. Has some qualities from the original but is mellower, the lime not as sharp and tangy as the original EdR. They are both great scents, you won't go wrong with either. If you want subtle go with the Homme, if you want zing go with the original.

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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS: Eau de Rochas pour HO

    Scenteur7: Thank you for your wonderul series of summer-scent reviews! I enjoy reading this so much!!


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