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    Default A*men or Rochas Man?

    Hey guys. I've been dying to update my wardrobe with my first gourmand scent and read a lot of mixed reviews of A*men and Rochas Man. I'm having trouble deciding which one to get out of these two. Could you please share your experience with these scents? What are some similarities and differences between them? How are they in terms of longevity and sillage? I read a lot of reviews explaining that they are too sweet or overpowering but I have a really strange skin type that tames even JPG Le Male. I happen to love Le Male by the way. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    I went with Rochas Man just to be different, not that there's really much difference between gourmand scents. Amen is by far the more complex scent with more longevity and sillage IMO. But with gourmands, you gotta be careful as they tend towards cloying very easily, which is why i lean towards Rochas Man, purely for versality sake. My climate is hot and humid, you see. But anyway, if i need something to rival Amen, i just take out my Hanae Mori EDP! Now there's a Gourmand!!! Mouth-wateringly smooth yet with an edginess that whips the senses. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    A*men is the more intense and complex for the first hour. But afterwards, they are very similar to each other.
    Rochas Man lasts a full working day, and A*men even longer - I've had to air a jumper out for days to get rid of it.

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    My personal preference is for Rochas Man, simply because A*Men
    just never seems to soften or mellow on my skin (I know, it's a gourmand anyway, but still.......). *
    But let me point you to something similar but unique (and cheap)!
    Scroll down to Barber of Siberia #:

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    I had Rochas and noticed after the coffee notes wore off it seemed to mellow way to much and became flat and syrupy.

    Amen stays crisp and sharp and interesting. Be forwarned of the patchouli note that on some skin over plays the other notes.

    I suggest Animale Animale or Cristobal.

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    You need both.
    Rochas Man can be purchased on the cheap on EBAY.

    Rochas man is good and A*MEN is Great!

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    I'm one of those unfortunates on whom the patchouli in A-men takes over. It's a pity because otherwise i love the stuff.
    Top Five: Oud Wood, Aventus, Kyoto, Rose 31, Tam Dao

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    I went to test both of them out at the store today. I sprayed A*men on one wrist and Rochas on the other. After window shopping for a few hours I sat down and analyzed each scent. A*men surprisingly smelled exactly the same as when I first sprayed it on. Bitter sweet chocolate with hints of coffee. Rochas on the other hand mellowed out tremendously. It was very pleasant but the cocoa notes disappeared and it smelled more like caramel than chocolate. It reminded me of the drydown of Givenchy Pi. No sillage anymore. I ultimately decided to go with A*men due to the fact that I wanted something that really stands out and is distinctive. I also like the fact that it generates a lot of mixed responses from people. I sprayed myself with A*men after buying my bottle and continued to walk around the mall. Some women loved it while some just looked at me in utter disgust. I knew right away that it was definitely a keeper.

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    Default Re: A*men or Rochas Man?

    A*Men turns to a very earthy patchouli on my skin with hints of tar and I love it!

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