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    Default Testing all of the wrong stuff...

    It seems like I am back where I started.

    On the one hand it seems like *love the smell of heavy woody orientals - from the first impression on the strip, to how it smells right on the skin - but to actually wear one I find the sillage typically heavy or innapropriate/ill-fitting and often just kind of gross in many contexts. Right now I don't think I could bear to wear anything with vanilla or tonka.

    I see now why from my very first EdT (Obsession) onwards, I bounced from heavy scent to heavy scent (Safari, Egoiste) - until I found L'eau d'Issey. That was the first one I could actually use.

    Then I tried Sander for Men yesterday and that feeling of freshness - that is really what I'm looking for. I like woody scents, but I want something that's also fresh and clean - something that makes one feel refreshed thoughout the day. That was the appeal of Issey too as I recall.

    So I am ready to admit the lost cause of this direction, backtrack and start over.

    Things that might be pointing in the right direction:

    L'Instant de Guerlain

    "Fresh" things that didn't work on wearing:

    Aqua di Roma

    As far as fresh woody scents go, what should I be looking at besides the above?

    As far as citrus notes go I like yuzu and grapefruit, but not orange.

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    Default Re: Testing all of the wrong stuff...

    If you like Sander, try Silver Mountain Water (SMW) by Creed. It's sweeter, much more aerial and there's nothing out there like it. Sander always reminds me of this very famous film I can't remember the name of; this guy running and the music - from a greek musician .....

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    Default Re: Testing all of the wrong stuff...

    I enjoy Sander, but it kinda makes me sick. I could arrange to sell you my bottle for a very good price if you want?

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    Default Re: Testing all of the wrong stuff...

    I think you need to explore the vetiver fragrances. Many of them are both very fresh, and very woody. You can get a lasting clean feeling all through the day with lots of sparkle plus all the woodiness/earthiness you want. Try Guerlain's Vetiver, Racine from MPG, Lorenzo Villoresi's Vetiver, Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire, Carven's Vetiver, Hove's Vetivert,Lanvin's Vetiver,Vetiver de Puig, Annick Goutal's Vetiver, Etro's Vetiver, Gendarme V,Homme de Gres, Creed's Original Vetiver and their Vetiver from 1948, L'Artisan's Vetiver and the list goes on and on and on and on....... So many to try.
    I'll bet one of the vetiver fragrances ends up being what you are looking for.


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    Default Re: Testing all of the wrong stuff...

    Thanks, I've smelled Guerlain's, but I haven't worn it. I also have a sample of OV. I'll hve a look at the others too.

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