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    Just tried new Curve Soul at my local Macys and found it pretty decent. It actually smells like a better made original Curve. Nothing ground breaking but if you like the first Curve and Cool Water you'll most likely like this one. Personally I think it's one of the best Claiborne's male fragrances. To my nose of course.

    And some off topic info - a SA told me that upcoming Euphoria for women by CK is something out of this world and it may become the next Eternity.

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    I got to try this one tonight too & I REALLY liked it...but it smelled too much like the original thing to justify spending $44 for a 1.7oz bottle of this. However, after a night of sniffing & having someone in each fragrance store I went in asking me questions like "Is this for your boyfriend?" and "You realize these are men's fragrances?" It was SO NICE walking into Dillards, asking to how much they were asking for the Soul, & having the SA just gush about how much she liked the fragrance (and she did know I was talking about the men's version). I decided not to buy it right then, but she took out a sample vial & gave it to me along w/ her card & told me that if I changed my mind I'd know where to find her . I know she would've done that for anyone inquiring about the fragrance, but it was JUST what I needed @ the moment. I wasn't kidding the other day when I posted that I get dumb questions & quizzical looks every time I shop for frags.
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