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    Default Bond Wall Street

    It's my SOTD. Just got it yesterday (Thanks Bob Roberts)!

    My lingering impression, especially at first spritz, is Erolfa by Creed. It's a little "zestier", however. It's kinda like Erolfa with Mat;male tossed in.

    Very fresh, very clean and great for the office. And wow, what a presentation box! A plastic slip cover, then the box, then the fitted "cut-out" cardboard "frame".

    Is it worth the price? No, but is any cologne really worth more than say, $35?
    To each his own, and his own budget! It's different than anything else I have. If I had Erolfa, though, I wouldn't buy it.

    With all this said, quality-wise, I rank Bond with Creed. So far....but then again, it's not that original when compared with Erolfa.
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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    One more comparison and I'll shut up...throw a little Armani Mania in the mix as well.
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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    I think Wall Street is lighter on the herbal notes compared to Erolfa. That fact would make WS quite wearable for me, however there was a pungent and piercing wine dreg note that I couldn't stand.
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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    I get oil soaked oysters with lots of lemon juice from Erolfa, which I get none of with Wall Street.

    Wall Street is closer to Polo Blue since I get cucumber from both...or at least, I used to since I've since traded the PB.

    I really like Wall Street, though I'm still of the opinion its way overpriced for what it is.

    Sounds like I need to do a side by side wearing of Wall Street and Erolfa tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    WS is a ripp off of Erolfa. The entire house of bond is a ripoff of creed. I prefer erolfa.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    I disagree on the ripoff and prefer Wall Street.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentsational
    I disagree on the ripoff and prefer Wall Street.
    I disagree too and think that the criticism of Bond as a 'total ripoff' is a bit simplistic and frankly, stretched. I don't see this when other fragrances build on or use similar note combinations. I loathe Erolfa and couldn't wait to trade away my bottle. For me WS is what I wished Erolfa was. My favorite? Not at all...there are many Bonds AND Creeds like Ilike more... but WS is just not as sour or harsh and a lot easier to wear while delivering the same mood one hopes for with Erolfa.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    I've been trying Bond No.9 out recently and my initial impression of Wall Street when I sprayed it on was a positive on with the cucumber and yes there was a sea/saltwater feeling to it like with Erolfa although they don't smell that similar. But I was dissapointed in the drydown - it was like Creed MI (which I like) but with a sour note thrown in. Not vile but nothing special to me although yes it was a bit different. Nice bottle though! Some Bond No.9 stuff is a rip off of Creed - Chez Bond is GIT and Hamptons is like SMW but on me does not last as long as the Creed. There have been many comparisons here to what they smell like. I liked Grammercy Park initially but not sure about the drydown is different enough (after I while I thought I could smell Geir which I already have, but it may have been blending with the Alessandro Del Aqua already on my arm from that morning). Will have to try that one again. Liked New Haarlem too and may consider that one.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    Your welcome Chuck!
    In response to others...I do not even see a comparison with Erolfa.
    I much prefer WS to Erolfa....But the more I think about Some of the Creeds I have had in the past...
    Erolfa and SMW...
    I think I may have had some "skuned" bottles. I just do not even se how some folks' descriptions of these scents. One time I had a bottle of Erolfa and a 1/4 oz sample spray.
    The spray was really bright and citrusy. The bottle smelled of salty bologna.

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    Default Re: Bond Wall Street

    Love Wall Street. I'll second the MI comparison as it does resemble this Creed, but I get an "orangey" side note when I wear it, pleasant, not sour in the least. It was different and good enough for me to splurge on. WS gets frequent usage. Thumbs way up on your selection.

    Now I have another obsession.......................Little Italy. Wow................

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