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    Default D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    Today I saw D&G Pour Homme at TJ Maxx: factory sealed 1.3 oz for $24.99.
    Can I live without this? (I lean heavily toward and own mostly orientals.)
    What are your impressions on this cologne.
    As a sidenote: I sprayed a shot of Azzaro Pure Lavender on my wrist (as a whim) at about 17:00. It's almost 23:00 and I can still smell it lightly and this is after several hand washings. Okay, I admit to doing the dishes tonight...
    It's light, it's nice, and I think I'll revisit this one.

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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    D&G is an outstanding citrus, floral, tobacco scent. Too bad it is so popular. If you hang around in circles where nobody wears perfumes, you can try this. Very unique for its time.
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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    Hi Rap,

    Welcome to the MADNESS! I have to tell you...I recently have tried D&G ph
    twice in the last couple of weeks and...I am now LOVING this fragrance! I USE to own D&G ph a couple of years ago but...for some reason, I swapped it away! BIG MISTAKE! Perhaps I was NOT ready for the TABACCO notes (which I have now become a HUGH fan). SMN ACQUA DI CUBA and CREED TABAROME are my two TOP fragrances! That being said, I hope to buy D&G ph again VERY soon as I find D&G ph a TOBACCO deeee-light! the way...IMHO, I think TJ MAXX is asking TOO much for the D&G ph. I think I did better buying GUERLAIN HERITAGE for $19.95 for a 3.4 oz. bottle! I have become SPOILED about pricing at TJ MAXX/MARSHALLS. I really do NOT want to spend more than $20.00 for a 3.4 oz. fragance has to be something WONDERFUL like HABIT ROUGE or HERITAGE (or FLORIS, etc.) before I spend my $20.00


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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    I love D&G PH, but while that is a very good price, it is not exactly a once in a lifetime bargain. Scentiments has 1.3oz for $23.38, 2.5oz for $27.49, and 4.2oz for $33.99. Great fragrance though. It has fruity citrus topnotes with a great pepper, tobacco and wood drydown. People say it's overly popular, but in my circles hardly anyone wears fragrances and no one wears this one. I hesitate to wear it to work (I'm a high school teacher) because the female students start coming uncomfortably close.

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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    I adore D&G PH. I fell in love @ first sniff & I stupidly got it right there & then. I got a 1.3oz for about $30. I've since found 4.2 bottles of it on ebay for this price! Ebay's a great place. Just BE SURE to check the seller's feedback before you bid. If the seller has a reputation for selling knock-off fragrances or half-full bottles it will be noted in the feedback.
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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    When I first smelled D&G, it seemed like just another ordinary citrus scent. But the drydown of this is amazing! I really grew to love this one. It's not very popular where I live since everybody and their mothers wear aquatic scents.

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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    One of my favourites for almost a decade now. No wardrobe should be without it!

    If possible, I would try it out a couple of times over a prolonged period (ie a full day) and then if you like it, buy a bigger bottle (4.2oz) as these are better value and widely available.

    A word of warning particularly if you purchase through eBay - there are fake or spoiled bottles out there - I recently got one and had to return it to the seller. Another good reason for trying a reliable tester to make sure you get the genuine article in good condition.

    And SixCats is right - I wore it this week the day after Tabarome Millesime and they are very similar in many respects - the sharpness in the drydown. I wouldn't necessarily have described it as tobacco, but that's what it must be.

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    Default Re: D&G at TJ Maxx: Your impressions?

    Thank you for all the great impressions.
    I've added the D&G to my wardrobe.
    Is there no end to this madness? [smiley=undecided.gif]

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