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    Default Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Why, dear God? Why? What did I ever do to deserve dealing with some people? Was it something in a previous life? Last three orders placed on-line:

    First one was for DVDs, which I paid priority for but it took 2 weeks to deliver. The site said it did not charge for the upgrade to priority shipping, but naturally, I was billed the additional $5 though the package was obviously sent media male.

    Second was for an item that was shown in stock. Several days go by, no item in the mail yet. I check back with the website and now the item shows out of stock. I contact vendor, who apologizes for not updating their website. I've used them several times before without any problems, so perhaps it's an oversight on their behalf. Oh well, !@$# happens.

    Third takes the cake. I see a website that sells D'Orsay. I note they show they deliver FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. Their prefered method is UPS. I send them an e-mail outlining WHY I prefer USPS (can't have the package delivered to work--government agency, don't want it left out in the wide open, won't be home to sign, etc.) Sure! We can send it USPS! No Problem! They even suggested I call them so they could place the order to ensure it was dealt with accordingly. I did so, last Friday and yesterday I get an e-mail letting me know the UPS tracking number. WTF?

    Fine. I'll track the damn package and just make a run from work when it shows up. Guess what? They want a signature as well.

    I tell you--I could write an entire book on these types of mishaps. Fortunately, I don't get nearly as upset as I used to... I almost expect the worst now-a-days. But come on, there's really something to be said about calling in your order to talk to a LIVE person who still manages to screw it up.

    Maybe I'm just having one of those lives where I missed the short-bus.
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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Well, I don't order stuff online all that much, not even smellies. However, I did order some smellies from once, and it arrived without a hitch.

    But, then again, I found out that the university I go to will accept packages from UPS, USPS, FedEx (Express & Ground), or DHL at their central mail center, so it's not a big deal to me. I've received packages from all the aformentioned shipping companies from friends, family, and e-tailers. It's not like some universities where it's either USPS or nothing.

    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    I'll consider myself lucky then. I'm working in a gov't office too. I've had tons of stuff delivered here, everything from a microscope to fountain pens, running shoes, and even too many fragrances to remember. Only lost one package out of dozens and they replaced it no questions. BUT I've had enough. Today I finally got Kyoto from Lucky Scent and I've declared a moritorium. No more orders this year. I swear it. Sometimes I wish I couldn't get deliveries here. I feel like I'm getting away with somethings. Like surfing the net at work.


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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Just get the gun....

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I really am sorry this happened to you. I've only had a couple of situations like that at all and not in rapid succession. Pour yourself a tall one tonight, sweets.

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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Well, here's the e-mail I sent to about five different e-mail addresses at beautiful perfumes (I've edited out any personal content). I'll follow up with anything responses I receive. The bottom of the thread is my initial inquiry...

    Can somebody please explain to me why, following the chain of e-mails from my initial inquiry, the package was shipped UPS when it was explicitly asked, and agreed upon, that it would be shipped USPS? It was even noted in the special instructions. Upon coming home from work today, I had a note from UPS on my door for 1st attempt at delivering the package. No signature was required, however, they remarked with comments: Need safe place to leave package. The next estimated delivery attempt is scheduled for tomorrow, between 10:30am and 2:00pm. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I EXPECTED THE PACKAGE TO BE DELIVERED USPS. If you can't be bothered to explain this to me, or inform me of what measures are being taken to correct this, then perhaps you can give me a good reason why I shouldn't inform UPS to return the package. It is extremely disheartening in this day and age to deal with consumerism issues behind the anonymous veil of internet shopping. It's all the more disheartening when one tries to take actions, including phoning in the order as recommended, to prevent instances like this from occuring, and yet, they still do. It obviously speaks that you don't care about your customers.

    ***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and PBWF INC will not receive your reply.

    This message was sent to you at the request of PBWF INC to notify you that the package information below has been transmitted to UPS. The package(s) may not have actually been placed with UPS for shipment. To verify when and if the shipment is tendered to UPS and its actual transit status, click on the tracking link below or contact PBWF INC directly.

    Important Delivery Information


    Scheduled Delivery: 16-August-2005

    Shipment Detail

    Ship To:
    "the bark"
    XXXX UNIT 2020
    Number of Packages: 1
    UPS Service: GROUND
    Weight: 1.0 LBS

    Tracking Number:
    Reference Number 1:
    Reference Number 2:

    Click here to track if UPS has received your shipment or visit on the Internet.

    Thank you for your order with! This email confirms that
    your order has been received and is in processing for shipment. Please save a
    copy of this email for your reference.

    We ask that you review the shipping address below and contact us immediately via
    email at with any corrections if needed. Once an order has
    been shipped, we are unable to revise your order.

    Time in Transit is based once the package has left our warehouse. Expedited
    shipments are processed on business days before 1 pm PST, excluding holidays and

    Order Date: 8/12/2005
    Order Time: 8:25:43 PM
    Order Number: 204117
    Web Confirmation Number: 1873-1543-XXXX
    Ship Date: 8/15/2005
    Shipping Method: Ground (U.S. 50 States)

    Sold To:
    "the Bark"
    XXXX UNIT 2020
    LAS VEGAS NV 89147-8260

    Ship To:
    "the bark"
    XXXX UNIT 2020
    LAS VEGAS NV 89147-8260

    Special Instructions/Gift Message: SHIP USPS ONLY--DO NOT SHIP UPS!!!!!

    ================================================== ================
    Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1 Etiquette Bleue by D'Orsay - 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette
    Spray $60.00

    ================================================== ================
    Product Total: $60.00
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Shipping: $5.95
    Discount: $0.00
    Gift Wrap: $0.00
    Grand Total: $65.95
    Payment Method: Visa

    We truly appreciate your business and hope that you visit for all your future fragrance and beauty needs!
    16130 Gothard Street
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    ========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========

    Merchant : BeautifulPerfumes.Com
    Date/Time : 12-Aug-2005 05:18:06 PM

    ========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
    Invoice : XXXX
    Description : Internet order
    Amount : 65.95 (USD)
    Payment Method : Visa

    Customer ID :
    First Name : The
    Last Name : Bark
    Company :
    Address : XXXX #2020
    City : Las Vegas
    State/Province : NV
    Zip/Postal Code : 89147
    Country : USA
    Phone : 702-XXX-XXXX
    Fax :
    E-Mail : XXXX

    First Name :
    Last Name :
    Company :
    Address :
    City :
    State/Province :
    Zip/Postal Code :
    Country :

    This is an automated message acknowledging successful initial
    processing of your order placed on the World Wide Web.

    You may check your order status by writing to:
    For inquiries, please reference order# 1873-1543-0272

    Visit us often at:

    Order Details:

    -------------------Payment Information---------------------

    Card Type: visa

    ------------Cardholder Billing Information-----------------

    First Name: The
    Last Name: Bark
    Street: XXXX #2020
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NV
    Zipcode: 89147
    Country: USA
    Email: xxx
    Phone: xxxx

    ----------------Shipping Information-----------------------

    First Name:
    Last Name:

    ---------------------Order Summary-------------------------

    Item Subtotal: $60.00
    Shipping Cost: $5.95
    GRAND TOTAL: $65.95
    NOTE:Customer declared exemption from 4.65 sales tax.

    Shipping Method: Ground (U.S. 50 States)

    --------------------Special Instructions-------------------


    -----------------Individual Item Breakdown-----------------

    Item Ref. Price ea. Qty. Description

    etiq17m $60.00 1 Etiquette Bleue by D'Orsay -
    1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

    ------------------------End of Order-----------------------

    Dear James,

    Absolutely! When placing your order online, please indicate that you would
    like your order shipped via USPS in the comments section. We can definitely
    accommodate to that request.

    If you'd like, I'll be more than happy to place your order via telephone to
    ensure that your order is shipped via USPS. You may contact me @ toll free
    888.617.2488 x13; M-F 9am-6pm PST.

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend...

    Kind regards,

    Michelle Chow, Customer Care

    Beautiful Perfumes


    -----Original Message-----
    From: xxxx
    Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 4:26 PM
    Subject: ordering question

    You have a product I am interested in ordering, however, I have some
    concerns with shipping. I reside in a second floor condo unit with the
    entrance outside, right in the open. I am weary of ordering anything via
    UPS as there's simply no place to put the package securely. I cannot have
    the package shipped to work, because as I am employed by the Government and
    well, there's too many reasons to list. Would it be possible to have the
    order placed via USPS delivery? The condo has a large, centralized and
    secure post-drop/pick-up. This would be preferred, as I would not be present
    for signature either. Is this something you may be able to accommodate?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Hello, "The Bark"! I also don't like dealing with UPS deliveries either for pretty much the same reasons you have too, including one more: In the mid-1980s, I ordered a whole bunch of rare, one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL Beatles memorabilia (that would be IMPOSSIBLE to replace) from some company to be delivered to my home. It was sent via UPS, and a signature was to be required. 2 weeks went by with no delivery. I called the store and confirmed the package was sent. I contacted UPS and they said it was delivered on such-and-such date. I asked if anyone signed for the package and was told that since there was no one home at the time, the package was left behind a bush. And subsequently stolen, of course. [smiley=angry.gif]

    I did (eventually) receive a full refund for the lost/stolen merchandise (it was ALOT of money, folks!), but I was still furious that UPS decided to just leave my valuable (to me, anyway) box of IRREPLACEABLE mint condition Beatles goodies (records, paper goods, promo items, etc.) out in the open for ANYONE to take, rather than take it back to their warehouse and leave me a note saying that the package was ready for me to pick up (or that another attempt to deliver would be on ***day at ** o'clock). Because of that incident from 20 years ago, I have boycotted UPS. Besides, they can't deliver to my P.O. Box address anyway!

    Which brings me to my question: Are there ANY online discount fragrance stores that DEFINITELY ship via USPS? I MUCH prefer all of my "important" deliveries (well, okay, ALL of 'em!) be sent to my P.O. Box rather than my house where they could possibly/potentially be lost or stolen. I'm rarely home when the mail arrives, so I just go to my P.O. Box at my leisure and pick things up there. At least I know no packages will be "left in the bushes"!

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, friends!! [smiley=smiley.gif]
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Hey dav-here--glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue with at least being reimbursed, but it is funny how those things stick in your head. I left a note for the UPS guy with several options, including returning the package to the vendor because they can't follow instructions. He chose option #2, which was to walk around the corner and throw it up on my 2nd floor balcony. Option #1 was just to leave it at the door and I'll get it when I get it. Beautiful Perfumes followed up with what appeared to be a sincere apology, but quite frankly, I will probably never use them again--I mean, it's one thing to say mistakes happen from time to time, but something entirely different when you go through the lengths I did to try and prevent this from happening in the first place.

    I had, in the past, focused on making purchases with companies that ship via USPS. Some are quite good, like lusciouscargo... I get a package all the way across country in two days. Allshewants from ebay is the same way. Those are the two off the top of my head that I recall--I know others do, including beautycafe, but I haven't been making many purchases as of late.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    Ooooooh yes. The horror stories I could tell about dealing with UPS [smiley=angry.gif]
    Quite simply, if an E-tailer only offers UPS delivery, I simply say: I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to take my business elsewhere.


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    Default Re: Ordering on-line woes, part VXCMXIII

    I ordered two creeds from neimans and they shiped it fedex. Since the order was over a certain nominal amount, I had to sign. I could never be at home. It must have stayed on the truck until the 3rd and final attempt.

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