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    My future acquisitions...

    - Jazz or Live Jazz (or both [smiley=cool.gif])
    - Egoïste or Opium EdP (or both [smiley=cool.gif])
    - Dior Homme

    My main doubt is in the jazz... In addition to a oriental-spicy-warm scent and the new Dior (Da bomb!!), I wanna a fragance for casual wear, nice in spring, fall, winter, not too light or too much summery. Deep and long lasting

    So, I dont know, which of them is? which you think that he is the best one? Jazz or Live Jazz?

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    Both Jazz and Live Jazz are great, but two different birds.
    Live Jazz is an effervescent citrus, while Jazz is a subtle oriental-rose-leather scent.

    While I think Live Jazz is the better scent, it is the definitition of an informal, fun scent. However, its duration is pretty questionable. If you wear it on bare skin, it will probably evaporate in no time on your skin.

    Jazz is a bit more formal, but definitely wearable in a casual setting, and you could wear it year-round due to its lightness. It is similar to Tsar, so if you've ever tried that you should have a very, very, very, very good idea what Jazz is like. It is not exceptionally long lasting, but certainly longer than Live Jazz. I get maybe 4-5 hours out of it, depending on how I wear it.

    Personally, I'd get both!
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    I definitely agree with K. They are very different from each other. Live Jazz is ideal for a casual day out. Great for summer days and nights. Jazz however, is a classic 80's fougere, fresh and a bit warm and spicy. I love wearing it at the office. But can be worn as a casual scent in many situations. I think its more versatile than Live Jazz for that matter. Both scents last on me tha whole day, though. So i guess its a matter of skin chemistry.


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