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    Default Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Having run out of mens' scents to buy....ahahha, I wish!

    I've started to cautiously dip my toes in the female fragance world. (And please, no debating or arguing over the political correctness/gender/cultural/biological/environmental vs. herdity/ etc etc etc issues. I mean fragrances that are simply marketed to women instead of men. Simple enough?) lol

    I've bought a lot of niche/artisinal "unisex" scents, but again, not scents meant for women.

    OK, enough of the sensitivity blathering. Here's what I have purchased so far, and my impressions:

    1) Chanel's Cuir de Russie. Woody, spicy, leathery, totally appropriate for a guy. One complaint: I find the EDT *to be quite weak, despite a strong initial blast, and the EDP is hideously expensive.

    2) Shalimar by Guerlain. What's new to say about this classic scent? It's been around for decades and is probably Guerlain's biggest hit. Personally, I think this one skewers more for a woman and I respect and admire the smell but don't see myself wearing it often.

    3) *Tabac Blonde by Caron. I have the PDT version and this is quite simply one of the most wonderful fragrances in the world, and leaves me scratching my head as to why they would market this one to women. Sure, I'm sure some women wear it and love it, but of all of the female scents I have put my nose to, this is easily the most masculine.

    4) Jolie Madam by Balmain. This one just arrived today. It starts off with a supremely potent blast of florals but fades quickly into its basenotes, which, like CDR, is leather, spice, and more leather. Lovely.

    5) Finally, Coco Madamosille by Chanel. Whoever tells you this fragrance is suitable for a man, don't believe them. It's a pure floral and soft and delicate as a kitten.

    OK, so on the masculinity scale, I rate them as follows:

    1) Tabac Blonde(most)

    2) Cuir de Russie

    3) Jolie Madam

    4) Shalimar, and

    5) Coco Madamosille

    Regarding which one is "best," I'd say easily Tabac Blonde, with the CDR and Jolie Madam in pretty much a tie. The other two are wonderful but just not for me.

    What's you favorite here...or what's you favorite women's scent?

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    [blue]Here are some (and by all means not all) of my current and all-time favorites:[/blue]

    *4 Reines EDP* (L’Occitane)
    *Anaïs Anaïs*
    *Chanel No. 19*
    *Eau de Rochas*
    *Eau des Merveilles*
    *Garçon Manqué* (Des Filles à la Vanille)
    *Genie des Bois EDP* (Keiko Mecheri)
    *Jacinthe de Bois* (L’Artisan)
    *Must de Cartier EDT* (original formulation)
    *Nu EDT*
    *Nu EDP*
    *Ô Oui!* (Lancôme)
    *Opium Eau d’Été*
    *Opium EDT*
    *Opium EDP*
    *Opium Secret de Parfum EDP*
    *Peau de Peche EDP* (Keiko Mecheri)
    *Rive Gauce EDP* (original formulation)
    *Rive Gauche EDT* (original formulation)
    *Rose Absolue EDP* (Annick Goutal)
    *Rose Ikebana* (Hermès)
    *Rose Poivrée* (The Different Company)
    *Tea Rose* (The Perfumer’s Workshop)

    I tend to like soliflores, complex, light florals, and some orientals.


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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I've just started to check out women's (or as I think of them, "marketed to women&quot fragrances.

    I have:
    Black Cashmere--Love it. My current top favorite
    Nu--Like it a lot. Floral, but backed up by wood and spice and not too sweet.

    Plan to buy:
    Estee Lauder Knowing--a very fresh smelling floral chypre. I would reference this as in the same family but lighter and fresher than Aramis 900/Aromatics Elixer, and more delicate than Sung Homme (but still masculine to my nose).

    Have tested:
    Clinique Aromatics Elixer--liked it a lot, but almost identical to Aramis 900, which I already have.

    Shalimar--Too much sweet vanilla for me.

    Dior Pure Poison--Liked it, but only tested it briefly. Fruity, woody floral. Not particularly masculine, but I think a guy could pull it off.

    Estee Lauder Cinnabar--Supposedly very similar to JHL. I found it to have a note that really bothered me. I suppose a man could wear it, but it did not seem very masculine to me at all.

    Want to try:
    Too many to name, but very open to new suggestions.

    Just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting.

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    Wanted: YSL Nu EdP

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    From what I have worn:
    1. Black Ca$hmere
    2. Nu EdP
    3. Coco Madamoiselle

    I love Coco Madamoiselle! It is slightly floral at the top but the earthy vertiver really brings down the sweetness and I feel that it has a similar theme to H.M. for men without the citrus topnotes.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I think there may be more than one version of Coco M. When shopping for it, I seem to remember that it had been reformulated in the not too recent past.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I like Hugo Deep Red. It's very sensual in my opinion. Miracle (the women's version) is another favorite.
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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I own:

    Shalimar EdP
    Habanita EdT
    Eau des Merveilles EdT
    Black Cashmere EdP
    Helmut Lang EdP
    Jicky PdT
    L'Artisan Vanilia EdT
    Coty Wild Musk EdT
    and - too many samples to list


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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Oh yeah, forgot Jicky. I own the EDT and the EDP. Not masculine in the least to me, but still a wonderful frag I pull out on occasion!

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Generally I'm not a big fan of women's frags for god-knows-what reason. But I have a few:

    Miss Dior (Perhaps the quintessential chypre. At least that is what they say. I have vintage stock, which does not seem to be as green as the newer stock, but has more duration. I'd say my preference with this one actually lies with the newer Miss Dior, to tell the truth...)

    Bandit EDP (Another chypre. Miss Dior's cousin. Leather + florals + spice. A masterpiece of construction, IMHO. I admire it for its structure at this point more than its smell, since we don't have any cooler weather yet.)

    Diorella (I can see how Roudniska (sp) said he did not consciously try to make this a sibling to Eau Sauvage when he made it. It is significantly different; more complex in terms of fruits. That said, my nose says they are related anyway. I don't wear it that often... duration is definitely an issue, and I prefer Eau Sauvage.)

    I just tried a knock-off of Angel at Walgreen's. It was pretty good. Since I haven't tried Angel I don't know how it compares to the real thing. The knock-off was way better than A*Men IMHO, if that was any indication.
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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I like Chanel 05, Chanel Chance and Bvlgari BLV Notte Femme. But not on me of course!

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I really wish they would do something to create a men's version of Coco Mademoiselle...I dunno, this stuff is like pheromone to me. Drives me nuts!! Before that it was Fendi for women...the men's version was just too heavy on the cinnamon and cedar! Sadly, many thought that both versions of Fendi reminded them of bug spray...I can understand where they're coming from, but I think it's someone's sensitivity to one essence more than another.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I could name many female perfumes I love or admire. Would I wear these, I mean not just dip my toe in? No! Not from shyness or because of the nagging awareness of how I present myself. The test is my inner self, my knowledge of / ideas about my own identity.

    BUT there are exceptions:

    1. Chanel, Cuir de Russie – i f I owned the perfume (everything said by Ballardbeau).
    2. Guerlain Mitsouko – moved from secret love to ‚consider for wearing‘. I have always had the EdT, but now went all the way. It is the only perfume I ever bought for myself.
    3. Guerlain Vol de Nuit – top of my ‚want to have‘, a dream frag, described poetically in all three reviews of the bn-directory. Maybe needs perfume strength also?
    4. Piguet Bandit. Everybody seems to know it. It is a bit loud, admitted, but I do not get any kinky or black leather illusions from it. It is sheer dark beauty to me, similar to what others find so great in Passage D’Enfer or Messe de Minuit.

    This is about all. I've found a perfect rose amongst those unisex scents. Left missing are iris, narciss and carnation in a composition a man can be comfortable with.

    I shall revisit Cabochard Gres and from what I read here, Tabac Blonde is a must try for me. I did try Black Cashmere and kept that woolly embroidered test pad! That one does not count at all. I think it has been mislabeled as fem, and as a male scent it is just one of many competitors.

    I am not a good analyst for scents but believe I prefer the darker, kind of blue, chypre (?) feminines for wearing. No aqua, no peppers or herbs – a welcome cross counter experience!
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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Oh yeah..I forgot about one of my favorite "women's" frag...KINGDOM! I love this one.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Although the list of owned frangrances marketed to women is longer, I use the following in heavy rotation:

    L'Air du Temps
    Feminitè du Bois
    Après L'ondée
    Caron Pour Une Femme
    Chypre de Coty
    Cuir de Russie
    No. 19
    Le Baiser du Dragon

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I don't wear many "women's" fragrances but I love Tabac Blond, I don't find it feminine at all.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    To many to list!. However three frags that haven't been covered

    Burberry Brit Red EdP
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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    I have to agree with Tabac Blond as a favorite feminine fragrance. I do appreciate Narcus mention of Vol de Nuit. The parfum is much richer and woodier that the edt and I think easier for me to wear (if only easier on the wallet!)

    Other "feminine" fragrances I would wear anytime include: Winter Delice, Bandit, Diorling, Tigress, Diorama, Angelique Encens, Helmut Lang edp, La Nuit, Parfum Sacre, Black Cashmere, Le Baiser du Dragon, Poivre, #19, Nuit de Noel, Shalimar, O de Lancome, Chanel CdR, Guet-Apens, Zut, and Addict.
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    Default Re: Battle of the Female Frags! Your Favorite?

    Eau de Merveilles by Hermes
    Cartier's Kiss Of The Dragon
    Bvlgari Blv
    Bvlgari Au The Vert
    Omnia by Bvlgari
    YSL's Nu

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